HTC Says It's Ok To Double Dip, Launches New Cases For The HTC One

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HTC isn’t quite ready to let the love die for the One, which is probably why they released these new cases. When looking at them we’re immediately reminded of that episode of Seinfeld titled “The Implant”, where George Costanza double dips the chip and gets caught. Not really for any other reason than the fact that HTC is calling these new accessories for last years phone double dipped cases. It makes perfect sense to us for a name and is just as good as any given the style, and that the case was dipped on either end in separate colors from the main middle color of the case. I might be the only one who sees it, but a nice little ad with George Costanza holding the HTC One in one of these new cases, saying simply “it’s ok to double dip”, could have been the perfect advertisement. That would of course require talks with the network that owns the rights to the show and at least a few other things however.

The cases are actually not too bad looking if you’re wanting some color in your HTC’s life, and these are just the thing to provide you all the color you could ever want. They’re actually not priced too badly either, at $29.99 you could pick up a couple and not break the bank. Of course it might be money lost if you’re planning on switching to a new device soon. The cases are completely customizable to an extent, as HTC is letting you pick the colors for all three sections,(top, middle and bottom) with the end result being something unique and original to you. The hard shell cases come with six total color options, and if my math is correct, that equals out to be a total of 216 different color combinations. I could very well be wrong, but yes I took the extra time to try and calculate that out. If you love a little color pop every now and again, the cases are now available for purchase from HTC’s website, so you can get to seeing what kind of color combinations you can come up with that meet your liking. You’ll start with picking the top color then move your way down to the middle and the bottom, and if it doesn’t look quite right you can simply reset and start over before you make it to the “buy” button.