HTC One Ties With Moto X For Least Breakable Phone By SquareTrade

So here's an interesting piece of information in regards to HTC's announcement to offer free broken screen replacements. The HTC One apparently went up against the HTC One Max, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Moto X in a breakability test by SquareTrade and came out on top, tieing for the least breakable phone against the Moto X. This is a bit of a shock considering it's larger size, but perhaps the body made of a single machined piece of metal had something to do with it. The Moto X, which is basically made of mostly plastic, held up quite well itself, which probably doesn't surprise anyone. SquareTrade took it upon themselves to see just how much some users might have to utilize that offer from HTC by doing a breakability test on the a couple of their latest devices, and decided to pit them up against a couple other popular phones while they were at it. At the end of the series of test which consisted of a variation of different damage types, they gave each phone a "breakability" score. Both the HTC One and the Moto X placed in the top rank with a breakability score of 4.5. The score is out of a total number of 10 and it seems the lower the score the better in this case. Kind of like Golf.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, and the HTC One max didn't do completely terrible, but they didn't rank quite as well. The HTC One max only did slightly worse with a score of 5.5, while the Samsung Galaxy S 4 had considerably higher risk with a breakability score of 7. To those who take excellent care of their devices these scores will most likely mean little to nothing, but for the average consumer who might drop their device once in a while these are just a couple of things to consider. How breakable the device might be after a drop shouldn't be the deciding factor but it definitely should weigh in on your decision. That being said, with a higher risk of breaking after a drop, Galaxy S 4 owners will want to take extra special care of their phones. Overall, SquareTrade came to these score conclusions based off of a number of different tests, ranging from drop and slide tests to even water resistance. You can check out the full panel of tests in the chart below, and also watch the video which shows the results and methods used for the One. So for those who's phones weren't listed on this chart, how do you think your phone would score in a breakability test?

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