HP Enters The Chromebox Game, Will Launch Before Summertime


The wave of new Chromeboxes is sure to catch some attention, and HP fully intends to be part of all the buzz. We've already heard about the Asus Chromebox being released, and we knew that Dell and HP were planning to release a Chromebox of their own as part of the Chromebox for meetings. HP is keen on making sure that consumers know that their Chromebox is geared towards all users though. It'll have a business focus as well as a consumer focus so anyone who's interested in having a Chromebox from the long time PC manufacturer can buy one.

Just like the Asus Chromebox, it'll come powered with an Intel core i7 processor inside according to HP, which should make the Chromebox run fairly snappy. Chrome OS is already blazing fast at booting up, so having an Intel i7 should help move things along even quicker. There's also the consumer based model that comes with Intel chip based on Haswell micro-architecture, which should still prove to be pretty fast. Style wise HP's Chromebox looks pretty similar to the Asus model, and even the Samsung model that came out in 2012. It'll come with four USB 3.0 ports, so you should have enough connections for everything right out of the box. However we know that some people use plenty of connected devices with their computers so a USB hub never hurt anyone, although it's not required. Other connections and ports include Bluetooth, HDMI and DisplayPort, so you can pick your poison and connect the Chromebox up just the way you like. The HP Chromebox comes in four colors, each with a fun and charismatic name to go along with their place on the color wheel. HP is toting the variety of colors as being a Chromebox "designed to match your style", and offers consumers the choice to pick up a Chromebox in either Twinkle Black, Smoke Silver, Ocean Turquoise, and Snow White.(We wonder how Disney feels about that last color)

We know that the computer space and area where you keep all that goes along with one can be cluttered sometimes, and HP knows this too, so that's why they made their Chromebox compatible with standard VESA mounts. You can mount the Chromebox on the wall, or to the back of your monitor for an out of the way placement, giving you more space for things like your keyboard, snacks and staplers. The Chromebox is small and portable, so if you need to pack it up and take it with you, it can fit snugly in most small bags. So, who's looking to pick one of these up?


Source: HP|Via: Android Central