Hasan Kaymak Shows Off An Awesome Concept Render, The HTC Caymac

As an HTC user, I have a lot of love for HTC phones. My trusted HTC Evo 3D has been working like a charm since I purchased it back in Italy back in 2011. HTC Sense has its pluses and minuses. But overall the point is that it is fun to use and gets the job done. However, after the release of the HTC One and the pending release of the HTC One M8, HTC has been making their phones better and better. They have even started looking cooler and cooler. So when HTC makes a great phone, we have concept phone render developers, like Hasan Kaymak, who shows us a vision of what a future HTC phone could or maybe even should look like. This latest concept from Kaymak look promising and amazing.

Kaymak has released photos of his latest concept render, the HTC Caymac. This absolutely beautiful phone has the distinctive look of a winner. It is sleek, sexy and professional looking all at the same time. This render isn't your ordinary render either. Kaymak made it very elaborate and descriptive as well. Are you curious what this render may have inside? I am sure you are so let me touch on the possible specs for this gorgeous concept render phone.

The HTC Caymac would supposedly come with a physical camera button that allows the user to snap sweet looking photos on its 16 megapixel camera. It has a removable back cover which houses an insanely high capacity 4150 mAh battery, a microSD card slot, and a nano SIM slot. I would utilize an Nvidia Parker processor (aka the 2015 Nvidia flagship CPU) and have 3 GB of RAM to make the processor run lightning fast. Furthermore, if needing storage is your issue, this little wonder will sport 128 GB of storage space to hold so many apps your head will spin. If you're listening to music, the phone would have BoomSound speakers and 5 way Pocco Pins. (Um, can anyone tell me what Pocco Pins are?) All of this running HTC Sense 6.5 and housed inside a beautiful possibly aluminum or metal case with a screen that runs to both edges.

I like it and would definitely buy this sexy and professional looking phone it if it went live for HTC in the future. I'm curious what our readers think of it. Take a look at the other pictures of the concept render in the gallery below and please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and keep it locked to Android Headlines for more news, concepts, features and more on Android, Google and Chrome.

Source: ConceptPhones

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