Google Said To Be Planning A New Android OS Made For Smartwatches

nexus watch

If you thought today’s news would be all about Samsung and the Galaxy S 5, well then you’d be half right. It certainly wasn’t the only mobile related news we’ve seen today but it has been the most talked about so far. Samsung released the Galaxy S 5 alongside three new Gear smartwatch devices, but Google has some smartwatch related news to tell themselves. The rumor is that Google will be set to unveil a new kind of mobile operating system. No, not for smartphones, but for smartwatches. That’s right, the word is that Google plans to announce a new smartwatch OS this spring, which would put it just a month or two before the big Google I/O 2014 event. Google is currently trying to find a manufacturer to produce their smartwatch, of which LG and HTC are rumored to be options. What’s even more exciting though is the fact that Google’s rumored smartwatch OS is going to be made for all OEMs much like they have done with Android, and will be set up to allow developers to build apps for whatever device would run the OS. It sounds a little like Android all over again, and we can’t wait to see what Google has to show us.

Google could very well be building this new smartwatch OS off of the Android software, but as of yet we don’t know any official details. Expect there to be plenty of integration with Google’s services, like Google Now, Google Search, perhaps Maps, and maybe even Keep for taking quick notes. Some speculation is that we’ll have a good chance at seeing an always on functionality being integrated into these devices. According to sources, LG is quite far along in the development of the Google smartwatch device that they are said to be producing, and that we will get a first look at a finished product come Google’s big annual event this summer. With all we’ve heard about wearables devices this year so far, this is an interesting twist coming from Google. Is anyone eager to find out what Google has in mind for the smartwatch universe? Or is your heart already set on a one of the new Gear devices from Samsung?