Google Readying Nexus 8 for the End of April?

When Google released the Nexus 7, they revolutionized the tablet market somewhat. For a long time, cheaper 7-inch tablets were written off as not being worth your time or money. With the Nexus 7 though, Google proved that an inexpensive device can be capable and be one of the best content consumption devices out there. With the 2013 version of the device, they upped their game considerably and again, ASUS was ready to deliver. It's clear that there's a demand out there for these sort of tablets, after all the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 lines have done relatively well in the face of the iPad and the iPad Mini. This bubble however, might be about to burst.

DigiTimes is reporting that Google is looking to release a Nexus 8 by the end of April this year, as a direct reaction to poor sales of the 2013 model. We've heard rumors of a Nexus 8 before, and it's definitely where these devices are headed. With the LG G Pad 8.3, Galaxy Note 8.0 and more all offering slightly more screen real-estate in the same relatively portable size, it's no wonder Google are looking towards a larger screen. I'm a big fan of my G Pad and it's larger display, it makes browsing the web a much more enjoyable experience and HD content is still personal, but it comes with a better viewing experience.

The ever-expanding size of smartphones, which users can easily buy on a contract and get a similar experience, will also have no doubt an impact on the sales of the Nexus 7. Not only that, but Google might have become a victim of their own success. The Nexus 7 2012 was a big hit and while the 2013 model is a marked improvement, a lot of users will see no need to upgrade to the latest version. Amazon is struggling to sell their Kindle Fire HDX line as well, judging by their attempts to entice customers with offers and even financing. Right now, there's no telling just what Google have in store for their next tablet - or if they even release one - however, it's becoming clear that the 7-inch formula has already worn a little thin.

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