Google Play Music v5.4 Now Making Its Way Through a Staged Rollout

Google Play Music v54 AH

Google Play Music has just gotten a pretty sizeable update today. Bringing it to version 5.4. It finally brings the “My Devices” interface to the app. Which if you’re not aware, if you have more than 10 devices connected to Google Play Music, you can’t play music on any more devices until you deauthorize a few. Which is annoying, because you have to go to the Google Play Music website to fix that. Now, it’s right there in the app. Although that’s not all that’s new.

This update also brings along offline radio caching. So now you can pre-cache an entire radio station for offline playback. They have added a new option called “Keep on Device” which looks familiar because it was already available for albums, songs and playlists previously. Although the “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio is the only one you can’t cache. They’ve also added the “Refresh Music” option in this updated. As well as fixing the bug in the previous update which showed duplicate Chromecasts. Google has also added a “Play Next” button to songs and albums, so now you can play stuff you want without clearing the playlist or dragging stuff around. Which is a pretty nice update as well. Google has also moved the Cast button. So instead of being at the top of the screen next to the playlist button and action-overflow button, it’s now in the row with the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. Subtle, yet most people may wonder what happened to it. Google has also added more options to the sidebar. This includes “Settings”, “Help” and “Send feedback”. Finally, Google added a floating “Playing From” bar, so now you’ll see “Playing From Eminem Radio” and such floating below the actual name of the song.

All that along with the usual bug fixes and performance fixes as well. A pretty big update this time from the folks at Google Play Music. Great to see these updates make their way into Google Play Music finally.

Download: Google Play Music v5.4