Google Opens Official Product Forums for Chromecast

Chromecast AH 1

In the last few years, Google has gotten pretty good at taking care of their consumers online, at least that is when it comes to consumer advice. All you have to do is take a look at the Chromebook for instance, the Chromebook Central product forums are an excellent place for those new to the platform as well as those that might just be looking for answers to a more advanced question. There are product forums for other Google products as well, but the Chromecast product forums have only just opened for business.

You can ask whatever you want in these forums and you should get a friendly answer, and with a lot of active community members – some I recognize from Chromebook Central – there shouldn’t be any shortage of knowledge to be found here. Much like XDA-Developers can be, the Google Product Forums can be a place to connect with others and just generally chat about the product in question, of course taking things too far off topic isn’t too good an idea, but there’s nothing wrong with a little natter here and there.

When you first head to the Chromecast forums, there are handy links to getting everything set up the first time round, as well as links to apps that you might find appealing, and of course there are already a fair amount of threads in the forum for you to take a look at. Creating your own is simple enough, and if you’ve ever used Google Groups you’ll be familiar with how to go about posting new content and asking a question.
Google’s Chromecast has definitely become a success for the search giant, which is just $30 on Amazon right now, it offers the same sort of functionality – for some – that a more expensive TV box wouldn’t and it fits in with the rest of your devices, such as your tablet and smartphone. Allowing you to easily get your favorite content onto the big screen.