Google Offering Red Nexus 5 With Same Day Delivery In San Francisco Area


So hey, just a reminder: Valentine's Day is coming up quickly. Since it seems easy enough to pass off something colored red as a Valentine's gift these days, you might want to consider grabbing a freshly released bright red Nexus 5 for your significant other. The new Nexus 5 model launched on the Play Store today, after rumors of its existence started hitting the Internet last week. The vibrant color scheme seems more like something out of HTC or Nokia's book, but there appears to be a fair number of people who think it looks snazzy enough. To be honest, we're just happy to see more choices outside of the standard black and white options for Nexus phones.

If the red Nexus 5 is something you're thinking about picking up, you might like to know that an extra $19 on your order will net you overnight shipping. That isn't bad, but the deal gets even sweeter if you happen live in the San Francisco area. The Nexus 5 qualifies for Google Shopping Express, meaning that customers in San Francisco or San Jose can get their phone delivered to them the very same day they order it. Shopping Express has been around for a little while now, offering same day shipping for those in the area shopping at local stores. Now that the Nexus 5 has been given a Shopping Express option, Google will probably enjoy an uptick in subscribers, and the best part is that the service is free for the first six months after you sign up.


The fact that the Nexus 5 is a solid device to begin with only makes all of this better. In our review of the device, we said that a lot of people would be pleased with their purchase, and with a price tag coming in so much lower than many other top-tier Android handsets, it offered a lot of bang for your buck. For those looking to get the latest version of Android just as about as quickly as possible but still want a decent set of specs to back it up, the Nexus 5 is pretty much a no-brainer. Here's hoping that this release of a red version is just the start of a line of colored Nexus devices, because to be completely honest, the standard black and white offerings are getting a little boring.

Source: Android Central

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