Google Maps Now Helps Get You Places Faster When Possible

We all know that traffic sucks. And sometimes, we just can't seem to get places we need to be, even though we swear we're going the right direction despite passing that same corner store six times in a row. That's usually where Google Maps comes in handy, even though it can sometimes seem like it's taking you on something other than the most direct route. Despite it's shortcoming once in a grand while, it's still one of the most useful apps to have, and Google has made it even more useful by sending out the latest update today.

The newest update to Google Maps is live, and should you be in the need for some navigational direction, Maps is here for you. It adds in one very useful new feature, which is the ability for Google Maps to notify you if there is a faster route available to your destination. So this is where traffic comes back in. Remember how I said that we all know traffic sucks? With this new update, it doesn't have to. At least, you potentially won't have to deal with it. Think about the many times that you've been stuck in traffic and had to simply sit through it because you don't know the lay of the land. If you had been more familiar with the area, you might have been able to forge a path onto an alternate route and still arrive at your destination in time, or maybe even early. Google is hoping to provide this to users with the new feature, and we for one can't wait to try it out.

The next time you plan a trip or just happen to be on your way to work in the morning, if you end up in bad traffic because you slept in too late, pop open Google Maps and see if the navigation can help you find a faster way to get to work. We all know timeliness is important, especially to employers. Will you be making more use of Google Maps now that it will attempt to give you faster route directions if needed? It should go without saying this feature will only work where nav is available, but you probably already knew that anyway. If you want to use this feature now, there's no need to update, as you should just be able to open navigation and take advantage of it right away. For the iPhone users, you can update via the App Store.

Source: TheNextWeb

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