Google and LG to Partner on Smartwatch Coming This June; Further Details Coming in March

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With wearable technology, and smartwatches in particular, hitting the market in droves it’s no surprise that there’s talk of Google releasing their own smartwatch. Rumors of a “Google Now watch” have been circling for some time now, more than likely due to the fact that Google Now would make a lot of sense on a wearable device. Rumors are of course just rumors, and while this latest report could just be more smoke and mirrors, there is a whiff of concrete in the air. Still though, any talk of Google and a smartwatch should be taken with a little salt on the side.

CNet has ran a report that’s saying Google and LG will be once again joining forces to create the smartwatch. With Google taking point on software and design, and LG doing the heavy lifting and production. According to CNet’s source, more details will be announced by Google themselves in March and the device will be officially announced at Google I/O in June of this year. The announcement surrounding a smartwatch OS, or tweaks to Android, could be made in a blog post, the source said. We wouldn’t be surprised if Google were to make some sort of announcement ahead of time, after all the smartwatch waters are still mostly uncharted, despite reports from analysts and such.

If Google is to enter the smartwatch arena, it could have a big impact. A Nexus watch, or something similar, would show Google’s commitment to wearable technology and possibly throw a spanner in the works for Samsung and company. I’m wearing the SmartWatch 2 from Sony right now, and I’m very happy with it, but the software isn’t there yet and something solid and concrete from Google would, in my eyes, make things better for smartwatches across the board. This is of course, if Google decide to go the same route they did with Android, giving anyone a seat at the table. With details a little sketchy right now, it looks like we’re going to have to wait till March, or beyond, to find out just what Google is planning for our wrists.