Gold Galaxy S 5 Color Option Leaked in Vodafone Screenshot

Gold Galaxy S 5

The Samsung Unpacked event is one of the most anticipated events at MWC. This is going to be the event that finally shows us the Galaxy S 5. We’ve heard a couple rumors about the device lately. Today, we see another leak that deals with the Samsung Galaxy S 5’s color. Someone at Vodafone has leaked a picture of a computer screen showing a Galaxy S 5 in gold. The leaked image doesn’t give us any other interesting information about the device, but it does state that Samsung will indeed have a gold variant of the S 5.

As far as the color of the device goes, gold seems to be the only color that we’ve actually seen a leak of. However, going along with Samsung’s previous color choices for their Galaxy S 4, it seems likely that we will also see black and white options make an appearance. The leaks also haven’t shown TouchWiz much, either. We have yet to really see any software leaks, other than a new lockscreen animation. It appears as though Samsung is keeping pretty tight lipped on what the new Galaxy S 5 will look like in terms of software, but rumors suggest that Samsung is changing up the style of TouchWiz.

If you haven’t kept up on the rumors, let me refresh your memory. One of the more recent rumors states that the Galaxy S 5 will be sporting a fingerprint scanner in the home button for security and easy unlocking. We’re also hearing that the standard Galaxy S 5 will be waterproof and dust proof, which almost eliminates the need for an Active version. Another leak stated that the S 5 would be including a 16-megapixel rear facing camera. As far as screen size goes, the general consensus is that the screen will be 5.2-inches. Evleaks has leaked that the screen will also be 2k.

The Galaxy S 5 is set to be announced at Mobile World Congress in just four days. We’ll keep an eye out for any further leaks about this new addition to the Galaxy lineup. Samsung is also set to announce a new Galaxy Gear 2 and a new Galaxy Tab at MWC, as well.