Gmail To Get A New Feature, "Unsubscribe" Button

Email. The de-facto semi-replacement to snail mail. I know it is nice to get a real letter from someone once in a while, but email is just plain faster. Email has been around for a long time now and is here to stay. You could even say that just about every company has their own email domains or can offer those domains to their customers. Some examples of companies that have taken the email category by storm (or maybe even pioneered it) are Microsoft, Aol, Yahoo and of course Google. These companies have set the bar high when it comes to UI, functionality, flexibility, and capacity. Microsoft for example has for many years worked to hold its position as the gold standard of enterprise email with their yearly updates to their Outlook email program.

When Microsoft was controlling the consumer email space and mind-share with the likes of Yahoo, Google decided to try its hand at the race and brought dependable email as well, while adding serious amounts of "ever growing" storage space for your emails. In the past few years Google has truly made an effort to compete with Microsoft feature for feature in nearly every aspect of email. From rich-text formatting and growing file attachment sizes, to integration with all of Google's other products such as Google +, YouTube, and Google Drive, Google has been pushing hard into the big leagues. This has resulted in some enterprises and businesses taking notice and switching from Microsoft's costly services to Google's more cost-effective and reasonable enterprise pricing.

But when it comes to email, Google has had one issue that keeps rearing its ugly head. Google is a search engine company that makes most of its dinero from advertisements. This tends to show itself in the ads that appear when you log into your email box. You know what I'm talking about. The ads in the right margin and in the top margin above your email control panel? Yeah, those ads. I'm sure you get tired of seeing those. Google decided a while back take things a step further with their webmail client and introduced "tabs" that segregate your email into Primary, Social Media, Updates, Promotions and Forums. This makes it a breeze to sort through your email. Even with all of these changes, we can't help sometimes making the mistake of subscribing to email lists and other types of mailing lists. Google plans to change users having all of these spam messages in their box with no way to slow down or unsubscribe.

Well, Google seems to be bringing a solution to the system. The plan is to put a big unsubscribe button in the email that are spam due to mailing lists and such and thus allow users to unsubscribe from lists they are no longer interested in. This would be a good feature as I for one have signed up with quite a few of those lists. The way users have been normally dealing with this is marking these emails as spam when they are actually just mailing lists that the user could unsubscribe from. This, Google hopes, will make unsubscribing easier and cut down on the spam reports on legitimate companies like Facebook.

I haven't seen the button in my inbox or in my spam folder yet, but the feature is alleged to roll out this week. So what do you think about the unsubscribe button? Will you use it? Will you not use it? Leave your interesting comments in the section below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google + pages. Keep it locked to Android Headlines for more news and reviews and up to the minute reports.

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