Glympse Partners With Samsung To Provide Basic Location Sharing With ChatON


Whenever you are traveling or trying to get someone to meet up with you, one of the most annoying things is when you don't know exactly where you are… or at least you don't know in a descriptive enough manner in order to give someone accurate directions.  As Apple likes to say so frequently, there's an app for that.  Glympse is an app that allows for you to share your location with someone in real-time, for a period of time set by you.  You can send this information over an SMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter, and the recipients don't even need to have the app to view the information.  This app has received relatively good reviews, and has been gaining popularity.  Now the app is working to expand its reach, and is coming to an agreement to partner with Samsung's ChatON messaging service to provide location awareness.

With this partnership, users can share their location information with their friends with the familiar app, but you can also share background location information as you move.  All users of Glympse will show up on the same map, allowing for easy communication and coordination.  Of course, the time sensitivity is still functioning, and you can set for how long people can see where you are at in the world.  Glympse has released this statement in the matter:  By working with top-tier companies and brands, Glympse is allowing people to share location wherever and whenever they need to — whether in the car, in their navigation app, on their watch, on a plane, while text messaging, or from the native Glympse app. This latest integration enables ChatON users to share their location via Glympse within the same familiar interface they know and love. From within the app, users can just tap on the Glympse icon to share their real-time movements on a map with friends, for a set period of time.   "We always strive to provide our users with the best, most innovative technologies to enhance their mobile conversations and, we hope, to make their lives easier," said Jay Park, vice president, Samsung Electronics. "Real-time location sharing was at the top of our list, and we are excited to partner with Glympse to offer their technology to ChatON users around the globe."


While I personally do not use the ChatON app, this service change could be an interesting alteration to a popular app.  There is definitely a market for this app, especially if people want to share their location and similar things with their friends.  Are you a user of ChatON, and are you looking forward to this?  Let us know down below!


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