Game Insight Wants Your Strategy To Remain In The Clouds With Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest

Pull up your bootstraps, assemble your armies, ready your defenses, and prepare yourself for Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest. The new PvP strategy game from Game Insight tasks you with putting together an army of "ruthless raiders" to fend off hordes of enemies who seek to invade your stronghold and decimate your very being. Build up your base and train your men. Fortify your defenses with powerful weapons that can do more damage then a giant who can toss a 20 ton boulder. Cloud Raiders is a strategy game, so you should be familiar with the overall play style and set up of how the game works. Cloud Raiders sets itself apart though, as you hold control of a giant island stronghold floating in the sky. All manner of invaders will try to overthrow you and pillage what you call home for their own. They'll attempt to destroy you and your base by way of a total onslaught with Giant flying ships.

Stop the invaders with all kinds of weapons and defenses from Cannons, and traps, to magical artifacts. You'll not only have to fend off other enemy invader armies, but withstand the attacks from dragons and other sky-bound monsters that will be sent to drop death and destruction right over your head. You'll also have to watch out for enemy raiding parties out on patrol in search of loot! So make sure you have a strong set of defenses to ward off other enemy players. You'll need more than gusto to keep your stronghold safe, so you to help you combat the incoming attacks, you can research new troop types to deploy on the ground. Some of those troops might get tired or just might be too weak to fight against certain enemies, so you'll be able to strengthen your forces with powerful brew potions.

Break out the cannons and unleash a barrage of fire at the enemies approaching from the sky. Or, if you have the resources you can even unleash your own fire breathing dragons to help you overtake the skies above your base once more. As you raid strongholds yourself, you can loot enemy riches and use the money you take to help build bigger armies of axe wielding marauders. Blow up invaders with bombardiers that toss grenades at enemies. You'll have to work out a brilliant strategy to keep your own stronghold alive and make sure you keep whatever loot you have. If you play with friends you can even form clans and band together to launch all out wars on enemy bases in action packed PvP raids. Cloud Raiders: Sky Fortress will be available sometime in the very near future says Game Insight, so we should see this available for download in the Play Store in the coming weeks hopefully. For now, you can check out the screenshots below and watch the trailer for all the action, and even visit the Cloud Raiders website. Game Insight makes plenty of strategy games including Tribez & Castles, which is due for a release in early 2014 as well.

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