The FlyFit Hopes to Stand Out by Being Worn on Your Ankle, Not Your Wrist


Mobile World Congress hasn't really begun in earnest just yet, but we've already heard from Samsung and Huawei on the wearable tech front. While not something being announced at the show, FlyFit is yet another fitness tracker, and yet another device looking for funding on Kickstarter. Unlike others though, the FlyFit is to be worn on your ankle, not on your wrist, which is how the vast majority of fitness trackers keep tabs on what you're up to. The device is up on Kickstarter for a $99 pledge, which gets you the tracker itself and two bands from a choice of black, white, cyan, fuchsia or yellow. Just what do you get for your hundred bucks, and what makes the FlyFit any different?

Well, first of all the FlyFit is different from others as it tracks leg movements, which is why it's mounted on the leg and not on the wrist. This makes it perfect for cyclists, as well as those avid swimmers. Perhaps more important though, is the device's ability to better track everyday activities, such as walking and going up and stairs and such. That might not sound remarkable, but we're all interested in finding out just how active we are in our daily lives, and with more accuracy comes more info to work with. Of course, if you're not in the market for a fitness tracker at all, then there's not too much here that will change your mind.


The FlyFit has 29 days to go and is fairly close to reaching their goal of $90,000. The band itself is waterproof, which makes this a great band for swimming and those mountain bikers out there. With so many fitness trackers out there, it is good to see something like the FlyFit, as this could be a lot more useful for cyclists and swimmers, as wrist-mounted options are far from accurate in a lot of cases. Let us know in the comments below if this is something you'd be interested in.

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