FIN Bluetooth Ring Wants Us To Wear The World

We just might be in one of the most exciting times for crowd funded campaigns. With the rise and boom in wearable tech from major manufacturers, the popularity for such devices that can assist the functionality of our smart devices is growing, and although the idea is still new to many, ideas and innovation continue to spawn and present us with some truly awesome potential products. This leads us to a new crowd funded campaign on indiegogo, for a little wearable piece of technology called FIN. FIN is a tiny little Bluetooth ring that boasts many possibilities, and it really does a great job at depicting all the real world uses that such a device could provide in the video.

The possibilities of what FIN could help us control range from our smartphones, to music and climate control within vehicles, computers, and even video games. It seems that the uses for FIN really could be endless, which makes their slogan all that much more sensible in telling us to "wear the world". FIN has already reached it's funding goal of $100,000, and currently sits at $115,320 funded with still 4 days left to go. The ring is powered by BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy, or Bluetooth 4.0), and could help us send commands to devices that are linked up. The real appeal here is gesture based controls that promise to provide a wealth of things, among them better screen visibility for when using your smartphone with FIN. FIN says that suggested uses include playing games on smart devices, so being a gamer, I'm of course wondering just how that might work and how well it would do. Past that if functionality for such a purpose was excellent, how much of a learning curve would there be to learn how to control a game without touching the screen or using a gamepad?

Other uses include assistance for the visually impaired and could even serve to interact with head mounted displays. The way FIN seems to work is that you assign certain segments of your fingers to act as hotkeys for when you want to complete certain commands with a device. FIN is worn on your thumb, and as an example of what could be possible would be to set the capability to make a phone call after you swipe FIN over the bottom segment of your pointer finger. That could make using your devices in a hands free way a little easier than voice recognition. There's still time to get it on the funding before the campaign is over, and to get in on the early bird version of this product it'll set you back $99, which gets you one FIN Bluetooth ring with all included gesture and recognition of the division of fingers, and the capability to control up to three connected devices. If this looks like something you'd be interested in you can hop over to the indiegogo page and throw down a funding amount.

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