Featured: Top 10 Best Android Tax Apps


It is that time of year again – the dreaded tax season. As the April 15th deadline draws near, we thought it would be a good idea to throw a few Apps your way that will help with your tax woes. A couple of the Tax Apps are nothing more than a written book of the IRS Tax Code and the IRS Tax Regulations – always nice to have on your device if you need to look something up for either yourself or a client. Some Tax Apps are only used for estimating your taxes, finding your closest H&R Block office, for example, or a way to answer your most frequently asked questions. Some Tax Apps allow you to send in a 1040EZ form, and one Tax App actually lets you take pictures of your W-2, answer a few questions and file.

From the easiest to the more complicated, from an individual to the tax professional, there is an Android Tax App that should make your life a little easier to bear this tax season. Tax Apps are updated every new year and some will even store the past two years' information for you to compare. Have fun with your taxes!



Internal Revenue Tax Code and Tax Regulations

TaxCode CollageOK these two Apps I lumped together – one is the Tax Code and the other is the Tax Regulations.  Not exactly the kind of reading material you would want for a little light bedtime reading, but certainly a nice App to have on your smartphone for reference. Hit the top book for the Tax Code App and the lower book for the Tax Regulation App.

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PAYE CollageThis is included for our UK friends and will calculate the amount of Income Tax, National Insurance (NI) Tax, Student Loan and Pension you should be paying for the amount of your salary.  There is also support for the SMART (Salary Sacrifice), Employer and Private Pensions.


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Federal Tax 1040EZ

1040EZ CollageThis is for those that make money and only file with standard deductions or those making too little to pay taxes but still needs to file – this App requires no personal information and should be used only for estimating your taxes. For single or joint filers with a married income of 100K or less and 80K or less for single person.  Income can only be from W-2s, interest and unemployment, no owned property, and no dependents.


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BNA Quick Tax Reference

BNA Collage

BNA Quick Tax Reference is a Top Rated Android App by "Best Android App Review."  It is a handy reference guide and perfect for an on the go meeting with clients.  The app contains tax information for years 2011-2013, so make sure you are looking at the correct forms/tables.  If you prefer not to use the built-in sliders to select the amounts, if you tap the input box your keyboard will pop-up.


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TaxACT Express

TaxAct Collage

TaxAct lets you file your federal taxes easy, fast and FREE in three easy steps – all from your smartphone.  1) Download the App, 2) Answer easy questions, and 3) Securely finish and file on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  You can e-file for free and have your refund direct deposited for a faster refund.  You will receive a notification from IRS when they have processed your tax return.


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IRS2GO CollageThis is an IRS developed App designed to help us taxpayers a couple of ways – the App will allow you to check the status of your refund, sign up for useful tax tips, or can get the latest IRS Twitter feeds.  The App allows you to sign-in no matter where you are using your mobile device.


Grab It Here On Google Play!IRS2GO


TurboTax SnapTax

TurboTax CollageOkay, this is the coolest program – Snap it, Tap it, and you are done.  You snap a photo of your W2, answer a few questions and then e-file from your phone or tablet.  You can file your federal taxes free, and the state will cost you $14.99.  It is quick, easy, and secure.  Do a 1040EZ filing in an average of 10 minutes.

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H&R Block

H&RBlock CollageFiling your taxes can include many questions – let H&R Block's App help answer those questions no matter what tool you end up using to eventually file your return.  The App allows you check the status of your return, estimate your taxes, find the closest H&R Block Office and allows you to schedule an appointment.  You can upload your documents and send them off to your tax pro.

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Taxcaster CollageTaxCaster does not prepare your tax return – based on information that you enter, TaxCaster will recommend the correct TurboTax program.  With TaxCaster you can get a quick estimate of your 2013 federal tax refund by simply entering some basic information.

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TaxMode Pro

TaxModePro CollageThis Pro version will cost $2.99 and is a professional grade income tax calculator for both professionals and nonprofessionals.  Designed to satisfy the computational needs of a seasoned tax planner and it will allow you to quickly get yearly or quarterly estimates.  The program can show 2011-2013 returns or information and help you make more informed decisions on your tax strategies.

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