Featured: Top 10 Best Android Muzei Extensions

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First Roman Nurik brought us Dashclock, the ever popular widget clock that allowed you to add extensions to it for various things from message tickers, to weather, to battery life. It really is one of the best and most useful widgets out there with tons of awesome addable features through the separate extension apps. Last week Roman brought us something new to add some liveliness to our home screens. It’s called Muzei Live Wallpaper, and it refreshes a new artsy live wallpaper on a daily basis, which is managed by Nurik’s small staff. It’s not just an ordinary Live Wallpaper though. Muzei allows other developers to add their own sources for wallpapers, just like extensions. In this list, we’ve put together the top ten Muzei extensions that are a must to go along with this great app.

Muzei Reddit:2014-02-17 17.28.51

As you can guess, Muzei-Reddit is an extension that uses pictures from a list of subreddits as your live wallpaper. There is a preset list of community favorite subreddits to choose from, and they can be setup to switch out between images on a set time frame. The extension allows for only downloading images when connected to WiFi, and of course it has support to make sure those NSFW subbreddit community favorites stay hidden. You can also click on the titles of any images within the extension, and have it take you to the image in a designated reddit browser.

Cast For Muzei:2014-02-17 17.29.40

Just as you thought, Cast for Muzei extension uses the same list of images for your live wallpapers as the ones that refresh on your Chromecast. The same lush images and beautiful shots that cycle on your TV can now be used as live wallpaper backdrops on your Android device.

Nasa Image Of The Day For Muzei:2014-02-17 17.34.59

If you love image shots of space in all its wonder and glory, than you’ll absolutely love NASA Image Of The Day For Muzei as it cycles through Nasa’s portfolio of awesome pics.

Muzei-Tumblr Photos:2014-02-17 17.30.30

This extension lets you cycle your wallpaper using images from Tumblr blogs that you might be fond of. If you’re a Tumblr user and you have Muzei on your device, this is definitely a must have extension. You can change the default Tumblr Blog from the settings menu, so if you want to stay with this extension but get some fresh wallpapers, simply change the Blog that the extension pulls from.

Apod For Muzei:2014-02-17 17.27.57

This extension pulls from NASA as well, but instead of grabbing images and shots of space and anything space related, it’s simply NASA’s astronomy image of the day, limiting the shots to pictures of stars and the sky. Some of the pictures are actually very compelling and great for any star lover.

Flickr For Muzei:2014-02-17 17.35.46

This extension is similar to the Tumblr extension, except it lets you pull from streams of photos on Flickr. Choose a user’s photo stream that fond of and that’s that. You can also search photos, and the extension will just pull in images based off your search results.

Muzei – LoL Skins:2014-02-17 17.33.41

This one is for the gamers and League Of Legends fans out there. Muzei – LoL Skins is an extension that cycles through the League of Legends champion skin splash art as your wallpaper. The chosen splash art is randomized so you won’t know what to expect next, just like in a game of League of Legends!

500px For Muzei:2014-02-17 17.38.24

This extension lets you use the images from 500px as your wallpaper. There are 4 images sources for the extension to pull from and images are spread throughout 28 separate categories so you should have plenty of images to cycle through. Customize it to your liking with the 6 different refresh intervals so you never get bored. It also has an all important option to hide adult content, and the option to only download images via WiFi. If you enjoy looking through the images on 500px then this is definitely an extension to have in your library.

Muzei – deviantART:2014-02-17 17.42.34

If you enjoy looking at and browsing some of the incredible works of art on deviantART, than this extension will surely fit nicely on your device. As you could imagine it cycles through deviantART images as your wallpaper source, and the images are pulled up by way of a search. Type in your search criteria just like you would on the deviantART website and the extension will give you images based off of those results.

National Geographic Muzei:2014-02-17 17.35.36

This extension cycles through all of the National Geographic images of the day for your wallpaper source. New images are added into the fold on a daily basis, so expect no shortage of fresh new wallpapers of these incredible shots.