Be Fast, Be Fit, Be Protected, Here is a List of New Features on The New Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung opened their event with great sounds from an orchestra and got the huge room filled with many people ready for what was to come. Anxiously we waited for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be introduced, and as it was, we were shown some great features that are coming with the device. Let's take a look at each feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5, that was shown off in Barcelona during Samsung's "UnPacked" event.

First let's start with the looks, since after all, that is the first thing you will notice about the new Galaxy S5. There are a few colors to choose from at launch with this device, copper gold,electric blue, charcoal black and shimmery white. Each device has a perforated back cover, that aims to combine modernization to "glam" and comfortability. To protect that device that will be cherished by many, Samsung has integrated some fail safes for us.


IP67 is how Samsung aids in protecting your device from water and dust. It was mentioned during the event, that you shouldn't hold your device under water for long periods of time. However, using your device in the rain, or if it say, falls into the sink while washing dishes, the Galaxy S5 will be just fine. Other options for protection have to do with the data inside your device. Using a fingerprint scanner, you can unlock a "Private Mode" where all your private pictures, and other things can be stored. Only your finger can unlock this mode, so rest assured, your things will be safe. Lastly, Samsung shows off a new "Ultra Power Saving Mode." This mode will turn your device from a colored display, to a black and white display in attempts to save power. It will also shut down any and all unnecessary apps running in the background. If for some reason, you have many apps open, there should be no concern for speed, since the Galaxy S5 is using the top of the line connectivity options available.

Samsung has integrated LTE Category 4 into the newest flagship device, as well as WiFi 802.11ac. This WiFi capability will also come with what Samsung calls, "Download Booster" to help add speed to downloading. The idea is to combine LTE and WiFi together to make data transferring speeds practically doubled. The Galaxy S5 will also automatically choose the fastest available options for data, which is great, since you may be sharing a lot of pictures.

That brings us to the camera, and you have to love these transitions. The camera is a 16MP shooter on the back, which may not be the best number we have seen. Though the features of the camera is what you may want to check out. Samsung has changed the menu, and UI of the camera, to make things easier on the user. The auto focus only takes .3 seconds to work, and with that comes Selective Focus. Selective Focus allows the user to take an area or object, and focus in on that part specifically, blurring out the rest or the surroundings. They have also enhanced the HDR function, which will define the color and lighting of any picture you decide to take and share. All the features so far, are what we expect from any flagship device. Enhanced camera options, faster connectivity, and improved strength and protective options, however, that's not where Samsung decided to stop, oh no. Samsung decided to add a more health conscious feature to the Samsung Galaxy S5.


Samsung Galaxy S5 12

The last feature we will mention for now, we have seen before, but only on fitness bands and smart watches. That's right, you may have guessed or already knew, that Samsung is adding a heart rate monitor to the back of the Galaxy S5. It is well camouflaged, as it looks to be simply the light used for a flash when taken a picture, or some sort of camera sensor. All you need to do is place your finger there, after of course what seemed to be opening S Health 3.0. Then a red light will shine through your finger, showing you that it is reading your heart rate. Along with the heart rate monitor, you get the aforementioned S Health 3.0. This app will help you monitor and keep track of dietary trends you may have as well as a pedometer, and exercise records. All this is aimed to help you keep fit and stay as healthy as possible. S Health 3.0 can also pair up to your Gear or Gear Fit, to give you a more "coach like" experience.

Staying fit, enhancing speeds, better pictures, better protection, all of these and more are coming to you in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Which will be available as of April 11th 2014. What do you think of all of these features, which ones are you most excited to try out? Let us know down below, or on our G+ page.

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