Enjoyed the Superbowl? Take a Look at Some of the Best Ads From the Game Here



The Superbowl is over and Seattle had a lot to celebrate…Denver, not so much. Nevermind though, someone has to lose, right? One thing's for sure, no matter how well your team does, the Superbowl is a massive televised event, with family and friends (sorry, is that Framily, Sprint?) sat around the tube having some drinks and just enjoying the game. With that comes some of the more original ads that air on TV and this year was no exception. We might not have had the same caliber of ads as previous Superbowls, but the majority of them were pretty good. Here are some of the best of them from yesterday's big game.


RadioShack gets our pick for the most memorable, as the 80s "take their store back". It's a great ad for RadioShack to remind people that they're still relevant and that their stores are as up-to-date as questionable fashion was back in the 80s.


T-Mobile were bound to air ads during this year's Superbowl and they managed to get across the point that contracts are bad once more.



Beats Music launched a new music streaming last month and unsurprisingly, they used the Superbowl to gain some exposure. Ellen DeGeneres features in the fun ad below.



While not strictly mobile, Microsoft's ad made an excellent case for technology in general and we're pretty sure it tugged at the heartstrings of most viewers yesterday.


For some reason, Dogs were featured somewhat heavily this year in the ads, with both Audi and Budweiser putting them to work. However, I think we can all agree that the below ad from Budweiser is much better than the German Automaker's.



Sprint wasn't to be left out, and they had a couple of spots featuring their new "framily" plan, one of which is below.



While most of the car makers during the Superbowl took a traditional route, Honda went another way and gave us Die Hard star Bruce Willis and some frank words on safety. We suppose this is where we tell you not to text and drive, right?


Rounding things off with yet more "cute" was the Cheerio ad. Which probably prompted your little ones to ask for pets, am I right?



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