Dot Emu Brings Back An Old School Classic Reborn With R-Type II


Retro is all the rage these days. Dot Emu understands that retro games were cool before they were cool though, and have brought back yet another classic old school game for us to sink our teeth into. The follow up to their rebirth of R-Type, Dot Emu has brought back R-Type II and modernized it for play on our smartphones and tablets. The classic horizontal shooter brings back everything you love about the game if you played it when you were younger. It's the same sequel you remember, but with a nice little modern refresh. The story takes place two years after the original, and you'll traverse many a level with power-ups, upgrades, and more weapons than you can handle to take down the bydo empire, all with your trusty new and improved R-9C ship. You'll be able to utilize two new types of weapons, and Dot Emu has made sure to bring back both the search laser and the shotgun laser so you can wipe the floor with everything in your path. When things get a little hairy on the ground, you can even use the new anti-ground unit bomb.

Old features as well as new make their way into this version of R-Type II. You can still unlock 6 levels each with its own unique boss. Upgrade your weapons, power ups and attachments so you can blast through waves of enemies with ease. You can also choose to keep things really old school, and stay with the original graphics or you can toggle on the updated visuals with filter and scanline features. As for the new features that have made their way into the game, you have three difficulty settings with which to test your might. unlimited, normal, and insane modes. R-Type II features customizable controls so you can find a setting you like, and it has plenty of gamepad support with compatibility for the MOGA controllers and other gamepads, and is also compatible with the Shield, Xperia Play, and more. Their is optimized tablet support for the game so if you rather enjoy retro games on bigger screens, R-Type II is here to help.Best of all for those of us that like to collect things, it has Google Play Games services, and comes along with leaderboards, and 11 unlockable achievements to collect. If you want to snag R-Type II for some fun this weekend, or perhaps for today when your boss isn't looking, find a spare $1.99 and head over to the Play Store to pick it up. If you own a M.O.J.O. console, R-Type II is available on that as well, game on!

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