The Do's And Don'ts Of Google Glass; Google's Guide To Usage

While Google Glass has caught some particularly bad press and hasn't had the most stellar and shining welcome from the public(at least some of the general public) we can't argue that Google Glass is an innovative piece of technology for the consumer level. No matter how innovative it happens to be though, that hasn't stopped some people from disregarding it due to the fear of potential misuse. Glass has already been banned from various establishments, and has caused some to receive auto violations due to its use or being worn while driving. To say the least, there is a large group of people that might be happier if Google Glass never existed. Google believes in Glass though, and they have taken to the web to list some Do's and Don'ts for use with Google Glass. Basically, they're telling us all how not to be "Glassholes"

The term Glasshole has caught on, and has been used to describe Glass users as a whole by some, from anyone who owns a pair to people that might have otherwise been misusing it in a certain way. When using a piece of technology like Glass, it should be fairly obvious as to what sort of socially acceptable norms are just that, socially acceptable, and what types of things might cause awkward discontent towards the user. Google tells us that certain things are "OK" when using Glass, and other things are "NOT", which is there attempt to help overcome some of the negative feeling the public has towards this product. The basic layout of what Google is telling us, is not to be rude, and don't be creepy. To put it other more direct terms, don't be that guy or girl that is going around snapping photos or recording everyone without consent, and don't use your Glass for devious extortion purposes.(that second one isn't explicitly listed by Google, but it makes sense) Even it sounds tempting to you, it isn't helping the overall cause to soften the public up to the idea of this device being something that is available mainstream.

The statement made by Google also mentions to be conscious of others and their feelings regarding Glass, and to be polite when asked questions about it. Attempting to answer everything fully like you're happy to give them insight could be the best scenario for everyone. They also mention that explanations of what the device is properly used for paired with a short little demo could result in a better and more well received encounter. Finally, Google recommends that following the rules inside establishments is a must if you're going to avoid being a Glasshole. If you're asked to power down the device, don't grunt and hiss, politely do as the owners of the establishment ask.

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