The Display of the LG G Pro 2 is to Cover 77.2% of the Device; Thanks to 0.4mm Thin Bezels


LG will soon be kicking off their 2014 efforts with the upcoming G Pro 2, which like the Optimus G Pro will be a larger, more capable version of the previous year's flagship. It's not a bad strategy that LG are using when you think about it. After all, more and people are looking to phablets in order to carry one device and they also get to release a device with excellent specs at the same time the likes of HTC and Samsung are releasing their flagships. We reviewed the Optimus G Pro and found a lot to love, with the G2 also providing some excellent specs in a pretty decent overall package, we have high hopes for the LG G Pro 2.

A recent report coming from Korea – where else – is detailing even thinner bezels for the G Pro 2, at just 0.4 mm. That figure would add up to a device with 77.2% of its front panel covered by the display. Now, that might not sound all that impressive, bezels are bezels. However, if the large display which could be as large as 5.7-inches or so is so thin and compact, then the overall physical size of the device wouldn't be that large. Which is a major plus for those that would love a larger screen for media and web browsing, but are unsure how they would get on with such a large device. LG has shown their prowess with IPS displays in the past couple of years and the G Pro 2 is set to push things even further.


When you take into account that the G Pro 2 is also said to feature a Snapdragon 800 – possibly an 805 – and 3GB of RAM, it's shaping up to be a capable device, indeed. While it might not be able to take on the Note 3 when it comes to software features – the lack of an S-Pen is a major factor here – LG will be tackling Samsung's phablet with specs and we have no doubt they'll be bringing their A Game when it comes to the display in the G Pro 2.

Source: FNNews

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