DigiCal Calendar/Weather App Receives Major Update Today

6 Different Views

DigiCal is smart calendar App for Android that is packed full of features and worth your time to explore its many options and functions. Digibites just released a new update this morning and packed it with even more features. When we did a major review on DigiCal back in November, we rated it as one of the best calendar Apps available for your Android device and this newest update just makes it better. DigiCal has over 1.8 million downloads on Google Play, has been reviewed by almost 30,000 users with a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating, not to mention over 15,000 recommended it on Google+.

There is a free version so there is no excuse not to give it a test ride, and if you are pleased you can get the DigiCal+ version for $4.95. The paid version will – Unlock Month and Month Calendar (lock-screen) widgets – Adds seven pre-set themes – Ability to select which calendars show on the widgets – Gives you  the option to use a color-picker on the full-color and transparency options – Allows you to customize the text size and text colors in widgets – And is completely Ads free.

When I downloaded the DigiCal App to my smartphone, I was amazed how intuitively I could move around the screens and set up the preferences with no help.  I was also struck by how the user interface was setup – the colors and design add a real professional touch to the experience.  Adding the option to check the weather on any particular day while in the calendar is another addition that simply makes sense…and we are talking a full-blown weather App that goes into great detail.

The calendar syncs with all calendar servers that support Android, such as, Outlook.com, Exchange, and Google Calendar.  You can choose from six calendar views – Day, Week, Week Agenda, Month, Text Month, and List Agenda – that are optimized for portrait and landscape modes.  DigiCal also offers a wide range of widgets – six sleek locking widgets and nine pre-set themes with real-time view.

One feature that sets DigiCal apart from the crowd and one I found very useful is its ability to do a search location right from within the calendar.  You simply press on the upper right to add an event and under the title of the event there is a ‘location’ area that you type in the name of the place and it will find it for you – address, phone number, and place it on the map – and all you do is save it…very nice.  With DigiCal’s support of Google Now (Android 4.1+), your phone will know exactly where and when you need to be at your appointments.  DigiCal has also improved and expanded its notification features and I especially appreciate the ability to send an SMS or email as a notification reminder.

I highly recommend that you try the free version of DigiCal and explore this App and for the price of one Starbucks Latte you can purchase the DigiCal+ version and unlock all of its potential and with no ads. The only ‘cutesy’ item I could not find was the ability to add a symbol for say a birthday party, cocktail party, wedding day, etc., but as often as they update, maybe in the next version. Below is a gallery of some screen shots from DigiCal, but check it out on Google Play or on their website.