Concept Art: New Google Smartwatch Render Created in Cinema 4D

As I talked about in an AH Primetime article not too long ago, I believe that smartwatches are the future of the mobile industry.  They are compact, efficient, and versatile.  We've seen many smartwatches released to the market, and just as many are rumored to be in development.  The biggest contenders that people are looking at for smartwatches are easily the two big competitors in the mobile OS field:  Apple and Google.  While Apple has had rumors of an iWatch floating around for some time, Google has been very quiet about it all.  However, this has not prevented people from having some great ideas as to what Google's next big reveal will be (which for now I will just call the Nexus Watch), and just how it will look.  Here's where Deviantart enters the picture, with a beautiful new concept for a Google watch that just blows me away.

As you can tell from the picture, this concept gives the Nexus Watch (again, not an official term, just what I'm calling it for now) a beautiful curved glass screen that looks to be decently large... or rather at least large enough to swipe down from the apparent notification area.  It also includes a Google Search bar down at the bottom, which shows the possibility of a Nexus Watch having some kind of Google Now-like interface, which could be very useful for a watch as the screen is not big enough for people with larger fingers, such as myself, to navigate nimbly.  You can also see a side button that may serve as a lock button, or as a toggle for some action, such as voice searching.  I would not want to have to press the button every time I wanted the screen to come on, but I also would not want voice recognition on at all times, killing my battery.  On the curved bracelet, which looks very classy, there is a second screen which looks like a notification bar showing notifications from the phone, such as text messages and the like.  What do you think of this render made in the Cinema 4D software?  Would you pick up a Nexus Watch if it looked like this?  Let us know your opinions of the concept in the comments!

Source:  Concept-Phones

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