Captain America: The Winter Soldier Coming Soon From Marvel And Gameloft; Boasts Team-Based Combat


The next Marvel movie is on it's way in the form of the second Captain America film, titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We're all excited to see it, or at least plenty of us, especially those of us who love comic book movies. New films based off comic books not only bring us excitement for the film itself, but the games based off the film that inevitably are bound to follow. Coming soon from Marvel Comics and Gameloft, the official game for Captain America: The Winter Soldier promises to bring plenty of superhero themed action right to the palm of your hands. Instead of going for the usual high-res HD visuals we're used to seeing from Gameloft with these kinds of games, they have opted to give it a more "comic book" like visual style, which is perfectly OK with us. The graphics actually look pretty awesome this way and give off a sort of HD cell shaded look. Which is truly excellent.

In this new Captain America game you'll take on the role of, Surprise...Captain America, and lead a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into battle to stop a dastardly Global plot. You'll come in contact with famous Marvel Villains, and have the ability to join clans in multiplayer mode. The story is said to be inspired by the film but is still original and was co-written by Marvel, so expect a plot that is immersive and engaging that will hold your attention, unlike the mindless fun of Flappy Bird that keeps you up at night.

There aren't a whole lot of details surrounding the game so far, namely price or "exact" availability dates, but the film itself is scheduled to release in the U.S. on April 4th, with it coming out in certain parts of Europe about a week prior. As per usual with Official games like this one, they usually launch just before the films, and the game is listed as coming in "late march", so we know it'll be here just before the Movie launches in the European regions the same month. The game could end up being free, but it could also end up costing as much as $6.99 just like the official Dark Knight Rises game from Gameloft. Time will tell, as we only have a little over a month and a half to go. Perhaps we'll even hear something about pricing before that time comes. Until then, enjoy some screenshots and have a look at the teaser trailer.

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