AT&T Ends Promo to Buy T-Mobile Customers out of their “Contracts”

February 4, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Earlier this year, before CES got underway, AT&T had announced a new promo which offered current T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch to AT&T. Which was to help beat T-Mobile to their Uncarrier 4 plans, which were rumored to pay your ETF at other carriers. Which at CES, John Legere took the stage and announced just that. AT&T offering this promo didn’t really make Legere and T-Mobile upset, it actually made them happy. Because it made it easy for AT&T customers to try out T-Mobile at no charge. As T-Mobile will buy you out of your AT&T contract, and AT&T would buy you back out of your T-Mobile “contract”.

This promotion from AT&T ended on January 31st. It offered a $200 credit for every line transferred to customers who chose an AT&T Next plan and either activated  a phone or bought a new one at full retail price. AT&T was also offering a promotion card of up to $250 for every smartphone trade-in customers brought in. So that was up to $450 you could get for switching from T-Mobile and AT&T. AT&T has pointed out that this was intended to be temporary and that AT&T did announce a new promotion on February 1st which was their new family plan, where you can bring 4 family members over for $160 per month. Which may seem like a step price, but it’s actually pretty cheap, when compared to the  likes of Verizon and even Sprint.

T-Mobile has definitely appeared to have gotten under AT&T’s skin, as AT&T has been pushing out promo after promo lately to compete with T-Mobile. Which is exactly what magenta wanted to do. Is to get their competitors shaken up and actually compete. We all know that Verizon and AT&T have the best networks, but not necessarily the best plans. Now hopefully with T-Mobile shaking things up, we’ll see some better priced plans from the top 2 carriers.

Source: CNET