ASUS Finally Launches Official Wireless And Wired Charging Stands For The Nexus 7


Remember that new 7-inch tablet that Google came out with? The one that was part of the Nexus line? The new Nexus 7 that's it. Yeah, the one that came out last summer. It seems ASUS finally saw fit to provide us with some official accessories for it. It's been a long time coming, but for those of you that have been wanting official wireless or wired charging stands from ASUS for your Nexus 7 tablet, they're finally available and you can buy at least the wireless one right now on Amazon.

The wireless charger, called the PW100, is basically a giant triangle shaped wedge in which the tablet rests comfortably against. It's size is so that you can place the tablet on the charger to juice up in what looks like either portrait or landscape mode, but the images and the video only display the nexus 7 in landscape mode so it's not confirmed whether or not you can charge it while the tablet is sitting up right height wise. It looks nice with the pyramid inspired design, and the textured finish sounds like it makes it easy for the tablet to grip to the stand itself. When the Nexus 7 is charging on the stand it also has an LED indicator on the front bottom edge that tells you when the tablet is charging which you can see in the video below. You can pick this up on Amazon for $90.

The wired charging dock has no wireless capabilities, but then again it's also only $50. It also has a little bit different of a design, in which you can stand the dock upright or lay it down on its side, instead of switching the tablet itself from landscape to portrait mode. The Wired charging dock also has HDMI output capabilities, so if you have the correct cable you can connect it up to the TV or larger monitors that support HDMI input and mirror your tablets display. It sounds like it has some more functionality if you can get over the lack of wireless charging, but unfortunately you'll have some trouble getting a hold of this one in particular. It's currently out of stock on Amazon and it's takes weeks to get them in stock and ship. You can still order them, just expect to wait a month before you get it in the mail. So does anyone find these chargers useful enough to buy?

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