Animoca Reaches Over 200 Million Downloads;Releases New Games

February 13, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and if you like to play a game here and there on your down time, why not play a game that goes along with the theme of today? Animoca, the popular mobile game developer and publisher has launched Star Girl: Valentine’s Hearts just in time for the most romantic day of the year, building off of the already successful Star Girl Franchise which also includes the games Star Girl, Star Girl: Beauty Queen, Star Girl Moda Italia, and Star Girl Christmas. For a little extra romance in your gaming life, Star Girl: Valentine’s Hearts is a dating simulation and fashion RPG game that Animoca has launched globally on Google Play and on the Amazon App Store. No matter which store you download your games from, Animoca has made sure you can access Star Girl: Valentine’s Hearts. Since this new game is part of a franchise of Star Girl titles, players of any of the other games will be able to carry over their characters from them into Star Girl: Valentine’s Hearts, and are able to change and dress them in any of the Valentine’s themed clothes so they can look their best for the big day.

In addition to the new game in the Star Girl franchise, Animoca has been busy and launched five other games today as well, which includes Pretty Pet Jewel Town, Clumsy Cuby-Interactive Pet, Beauty Idol, Doreamon Repair Shop, and Hidden Origin: Lost Mystery. Pretty Pet Jewel Town is a puzzle match game where you have to match colorful jewels and you can win prizes and collectibles. Clumsy Cuby-Interactive Pet is just like it sounds, and interactive pet in digital 3D! Think digimon or Tamagotchi from the old days for those of us that grew up in that era. Beauty Idol is a lot like the Star Girl Games, but with Anime styled characters instead. Doraemon Repair Shop is a time management game that tests your skills, speed and reflexes, where you’ll help Doraemon the Robot cat run his repair shop. And finally, Hidden Origin: Lost Mystery is a hidden object game. In Hidden Origin, you have lost your memory and you must attempt to search for clues and find the truth behind your hidden identity. You’ll also have to investigate mysterious things that are happening all around the city, finding objects, and solving brain teasing puzzles.

Animoca has added these six new games to their already impressive library of over 300 titles that have been released since the company launched a few years ago. The games have been released over multiple platforms, and are part of the 220 million downloads that Animoca has achieved since they first began launching games. You can pick up any of these six new games from the Play Store along with many of their other games, short of Hidden Origin: Lost Mystery which is available through The Amazon App Store.