Android: The Most Popular OS In The World


We have been having the biggest debate of the mobile world for a few years now… Android, or iOS?  Each of them have their own major perks.  Android has its insane amount of customization possibilities, and iOS has its ease of use (just to name a few).  However, a new report from the IDC shows us some irrefutable proof:  Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world.  Over the last three years, the Android operating system market share, in percentages of global unit shipments, has increased by roughly 29.6%, while iOS has dropped 3.6%.  Windows Phone has surprisingly gained 1.5%, and BlackBerry has dropped 9.4%.  As of May of last year, Samsung held the title of the first place, but that is to be expected.

Now this tells us some interesting things.  Note that Android has increased by almost 30%, while their main competition has dropped only 3.6%.  What this tells me is that it is not a majority of iOS users ‘seeing the light’, as it were, but rather new people entering the mobile market and going straight to Android.  I believe that the main reason of this occurring is the fact that Android has devices at every range of the price scale that someone could purchase.  If you want to spend a minimal amount on a phone, then good luck finding an iOS devices that fills that role.  Apple does premium pricing for what they call their premium product.  With Android, there are plenty of options for users that are half, if not less than half, the costs of Apples devices.  Even some of the high-end devices on Android are astronomically cheaper than iOS devices, such as the Nexus 5.  Price is the biggest factor here, I believe.  Basic economics tells us that when the price of a good goes down, demand for that good increases.  With Android phones becoming more and more affordable as technology improves, we are seeing this occur right before our very eyes.

Android looks to be the operating system choice of the future, and this is very good for us.  We can look forward to innovation and advances in the technology that will keep on coming for years and years.  With the upcoming Mobile World Congress, I for one am pumped to see what will be coming are way in the immediate future.  Hopefully, it lets our favorite little green robot stay on top.