Android Games Weekly 02/21/14: Demonrock, Pathogen, Fright Fight, Goblins Trilogy


Demonrock Is A Defense/Dungeon Crawler Coming To Android Soondemonrock-war-of-ages-android-game

You may have thought that the next game coming from Crescent Moon Games would be Shadow Blade. On the Contrary though they are near ready to release a defense/dungeon crawler game onto Android next called Demonrock. This game like most Crescent Moon titles has beautiful 3D visuals accompanied by some awesome gameplay. In Demonrock you'll have 40 levels of content which spans across multiple environments, ranging from lush forests to creepy dungeons. You'll have four different heroes to choose from with unique skills to each hero, and 30 different enemies and bosses to contend with. You won't be alone in your pursuit, as you'll be able to hire 13 different mercenaries to help you barge through enemy defenses. Demonrock is supposed to be released on Feb. 27th, which is just a few short days away.

Pathogen Is A New Strategy Game That Will Test Your Skills2014-02-22 01.35.02

When We think about strategy games we normally think about warring nations battling it out against each other for supreme dominance. Pathogen is a totally different type of strategy game as it provides no warriors, no conflicting countries trying to control the other, and no epic and bloody battles to be had. When you play Pathogen, what you'll really be experiencing is a tactical head to head battle of a different kind. Your goal is to overtake different colored shapes with your own to eventually gain dominance. Pathogen supports multiple game modes including the original campaign with various difficulties, and the multiplayer mode which can be played with friends on the same device or online against total strangers. Pathogen will cost you $2.99 in the Play Store should you feel strategically superior.

Fright Fight Is A Brawler Type Fighting Game For AndroidScreenshot (202)

If you love Super Smash Bros. then you might want to give Fright Fight for Android a look. This brawler style fighting game has the same type of fighting gameplay you could expect out of super smash, with multiple players at once and platforms and special attacks. Fright Fight has pretty decent 3D visuals along with easy to learn controls. Just like in smash, you'll have a myriad of combos and attacks to complete in game so you can attempt to snag the victory over your friends. Plenty of playable characters along with a rich RPG based leveling system for your character make this a truly unique fighting game that has to be experienced to get the full effect. Fright Fight is free and available in the Play Store.


The Goblins Trilogy Is back, This Time On Android Thanks To DotEmuScreenshot (204)

DotEmu is known for releasing rather old retro games onto Android, but they also like to give them a little bit of modernized feel. They dropped Double Dragon Trilogy onto the Play Store not too long ago and as of today they just released the Goblins Trilogy for $2.99. The Goblins Trilogy has all three games that you know and love,  with classic and touch based control modes, a new interface, and some new gameplay content that has been retrofitted for touch based displays. DotEmu was also kind enough to provide a hint system in case you get stuck, which happens more often then you would think with retro games from older systems. if you have a spare three bucks and need a throwback to some good old fashioned retro games, Goblins Trilogy is available in the Play Store now.