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Games are a passion for me, and it's clear that the developers of TA: Little Red Riding Hood feel the exact same way. This game made it into our Top 10 List of games for the month of January, and once you play it you'll understand why. Panda Zone and Cerebral Games are the creators of this delightful and eerily whimsical game that plays a little like a platformer with some puzzle type elements, and their hit title was featured on over 500 websites with the web version. The recently released Android version of the game seems to deliver the same kind of fun experience that earned the web version so much praise. This classic story is known by most, but the game offers you the adventure you remember with a slight twist, but still giving the game a true fairy tale feel. The art style provides a sort of enchanting set of visuals, which we felt really displayed the time and effort that was put into making this. The gameplay mechanics are almost as simple as one could imagine them, so it's easy enough for anyone to pick up and play and enjoy. If you really want to enjoy this game to the fullest, make sure to play it with the music on as it adds a fantastic enchantment to the overall feel of the game.

The basic idea of the game is to clear levels, and your goal is to finish each one with the maximum number of collectibles as possible. Throughout each level you'll be faced with traveling from one end to the other, and along the way you'll have to chance to pick up what look like little snowflakes. There are a varied amount for each level but you want to try to pick up all of them if you can. The main collectibles for every level though, are the apples and your cute and cuddly little bunny friends. There are three apples per level(this sort of collecting within mobile games should seem pretty familiar by now), and a little bunny friend of yours that you must release from his caged prison. From the start of each level you'll have to cross the treacherous terrain by jumping from little island to little island, timing your trajectory just right so you can manage to pick up everything along the way.

As you progress through the levels, things become more difficult as apples and bunnies are placed in harder to reach locations, that will cause you to do a little bit of thinking to make sure you acquire them. You'll also begin to encounter shadow creatures, which essentially aim to stop you from reaching the end of each level. Make sure to avoid these guys, as one touch will send you right back to the beginning to start all over again. There are five total chapters in this childishly haunting tale, each with their own area setting. Chapter one takes you through "The garden of thorns", and from there you'll move onto "The dangerous hills", "The phantom woods", "The mighty vulcano", and finally "The wolf's cave". Each chapter requires a certain amount of collected apples and saved bunnies to progress. Right now you can pick up TA: Little Red Riding Hood for $0.99 as part of the half off sale, so if you're interested in this awesome little gem, head to the Play Store link to grab it.

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