Android Game Of The Week: Brandnew Boy

Coming out of nowhere, Brandnew Boy is a game that should be on everyone's list of must haves. It's a full 3D energized Action-RPG that places you right in the middle of combat so hyperactive and fast paced, you won't have a minute to spare when playing. Your full attention will need to be on the game, which you'll have no problem giving it since the slick rhythmic based combat system leaves little to be desired. Intuitive touch based controls with swipe gestures and tap combos do away with clunky buttons, to give you as much screen real estate as possible so you can enjoy the 3D visuals laced with the beautiful Anime art style. If you're an Anime fan and have a soft spot in your heart for Action-RPG's, Brandnew Boy is not one to miss. Even if you don't really care for Anime, Brandnew Boy is a story that is sure to grab any gamers attention and hold it for quite a while. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about it.

In Brandnew Boy, you take on the role of a boy named "Rookie", who has lost his memory and has no recollection of how he came to end up in his current location. He also has no idea who he is. Rookie is stranded in this new and unknown land filled with vicious enemies and brutal bosses, and he'll have to think quick on his feet if he's going to stay alive. Utilize your skills as you acquire them during your journey, to pummel anyone who stands in your way of finding out the truths about your origin and existence. Rookie isn't completely alone in this adventure, as he's joined by a Television-faced robot who just might be able to help him search for the answers he's looking for. He'll have to survive through many perilous dangers to get to them though and it won't be an easy task.

The controls in Brandnew Boy are easy to get used to, with only a slight learning curve that is picked up quickly. You'll fall in love with the stunning combos and the fight scenes are something that just have to be experienced to get the full effect, but they're some of the best you'll find in any mobile game. You can fully customize Rookie to your liking with tons of different attire and costumes, so you can end up playing your character with a completely unique visual style. Two game modes are present to ensure you have the most fun you can while giving you replay value. Try your hand at the classic "Scenario Mode", or give the new "Infinity Mode" a shot. Using your fully customizable skills and special moves might make defeating some of the game's normal monsters easy, but defeating the bosses will be another story. This adds a totally new level of challenge to the game, but the rewards of finishing off a boss are far greater than the difficulty you'll endure, because once you beat a boss, you can summon them as a special attack to carry out your commands and attack enemies for you. Brandnew Boy has much to give anybody looking for an action filled combat based RPG, and trust me the game won't disappoint. The game can be picked up in the Play Store for only a few sheckles, so find a spare $3.99 and check out Brandnew Boy if you're looking for an awesome game to play. Having already been playing it for a couple hours now, I'm hooked.

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