Android Game News Weekly 02/09/14: Slam Dunk Basketball 2, You Must Build A Boat, Angry Birds Star Wars 2, And More


Dunk Your Heart Out In Slam Dunk Basketball 2Screenshot (151)

Slam Dunk Basketball 2 is coming in just a few short days, and if you were a fan of the original then you'll want to make sure to give the second one a shot. It's slated for release on February 13th, so we won't have to wait long to throw down on some absolute Slam Dunk madness. Graphics have gotten an extreme visual update here, so not only does the sequel come with updated gameplay and lots more fun, but everything looks ten times better than the first game as well. Expect Google Play Games Services to be present, and work your way up the ranks so you can brag to your friends about being on the leaderboards. Keep your eye on the ball and make sure to leap over to the Play Store when this game drops.

You Must Build A Boat Is The Follow Up To 10000000Screenshot (150)

You might be familiar with 10000000, you might not be. For those who are though and have been eagerly awaiting to hear what's next from the developer behind the smash hit, Eighty Eight games has got some information for us. The follow up to 10000000 is going to be a game called You Must Build A Boat, and will focus on you constructing a mighty vessel of some kind. It promises to be a fairly large expansion of the original game, and will be a true sequel instead of adding more content to the original title itself. Tons of new content will be on the way with new monsters and new places to explore, and it'll have plenty of outcome affecting decisions for you to make. You Must A Build A Boat will be a free title for anyone who already owns and paid for 10000000 when it's released(for which we have no date as of yet), so if you're already playing 10000000 then look out for the sequel to come sometime in the future.

Rovio Updates Angry Birds Star Wars 2 With New Characters And New ContentScreenshot (149)

For those Angry Birds and Star Wars fans out there, Rovio has just added more characters and more content to their popular Angry Birds Star Wars 2 game this week. The Carbonite Pack is available for thawing as of now, which nets you multiple new characters including Han Solo frozen in carbonite. If you could just imagine flinging a little frozen Han at those spiteful little piggies for just a moment, it should make you smile quite big. There's new levels that come along with the Carbonite Pack so you can fling all your new characters in new areas. Each character brings in all new levels, and there are 8 total new characters, so there should be plenty of new stuff for you to do even if you have three starred everything already.


You Can Help Further Cancer Research By Spending Time With Play To Cure: Genes In SpaceScreenshot (147)

Who would have thought that you could play video games to help further cancer research. Apparently, that's exactly what Cancer Research UK was thinking when they had this game developed. Play To Cure: Genes In Space lets you analyze important data, to help researchers get a hold of information that can help with treating cancer. The game tasks you with flying around in space and grabbing up a substance called element alpha, which essentially is the data that needs to be analyzed for the cancer set. The game sets out to speed up the process of beating cancer by having gamers collect element alpha for analysis instead of tasking one lone scientist or small groups of scientists to do it all on their own. There is even a story behind the game to make this as game-like as possible, and by plotting courses through space collecting the blue substance you're helping to find genetic changes that help scientists find cancer causing genes. The game is free to play, and has an all too amazing goal behind the project. If you have some free time to kill, give this game a try and help the cause.