Android Game News Weekly 02/02/14: Rogue: Beyond The Shadows, Clash Of Clans, Dungeon Keeper, Soul Fjord



Rogue: Beyond The Shadows Is Yet Another Dungeon Crawler For Androidrogue-beyond-the-shadows-android-game

Normally, I really love dungeon crawlers. They're action packed, they provide some little bits of mindless fun with all the hack and slash demon and monster killing, and best of all, if it's a great dungeon crawler, it'll have at least a decent story line to drive the narrative of the game. Rogue: Beyond The Shadows, while mildly entertaining for the fact that it is a dungeon crawler, still has some improvements before it becomes the great game that it could be. If you're just looking for something different, by all means give it a shot as it's free so trying it won't hurt your wallet. However, if you're a huge fan of the genre, you might want to skip this one until some updates are made, as you might be more frustrated with it than excited to play.


The controls don't work all the time, and there seems to be, at least from my personal experience, a problem with the combat as the attacks don't always seem to fire off. Enemies seem to take little damage despite pummeling them with slashes from your weapon, and worst of all there's ads laden everywhere inside the game during gameplay constantly. As for the games content itself, as the name suggests your character is a rogue, who wakes up dazed and confused in the middle of an eerie looking forest without any knowledge of what's happened. Now the good bits about the game. The graphics, i'll be honest are actually very good, and that's a huge plus for this type of game for making it more fun. The game has plenty of potential as the visuals and the use of special abilities for your character seem interesting, and i can imagine them looking badass upon casting something or using a specific attack. The other really great feature, is that you have the ability to write your own quests for the game. You can submit your quests and adventures to the games dev team, and if they get the seal of approval you'll be able to play them after they get patched in during updates. Overall, the game could be so much better. I have confidence that with an update or two that includes some fixes, and the removal of ads while you're playing that this game could end up as one of the best dungeon crawlers available. You can grab it from the Play Store link if you wish to give it a shot.

Supercell Updates Clash Of Clans With New Content Including New Hero AbilitiesClash-of-Clans

If you play Clash of Clans, you may have noticed a new update that went live this week on the Play Store. They have added in some improvements on ways to manage your clan, which is always nice to see when it comes to games. The bread and butter of this update though is the added new abilities of your heroes, which should allow you to pull off some devastating new moves and attacks. These new powers are unlocked once you reach level 5, and new spells unlocked at level 6. So it sounds like some powerful new moves will be at your disposal in this update. Is anyone playing Clash of Clans?

Dungeon Keeper Goes Global; Be The Devil You Always Knew You Coulddungeon-keeper-android-game

If you were waiting on the global release of Dungeon Keeper, that time is now as EA and Mythic Games have dropped the game as of a couple days ago. Dungeon Keeper got it's soft launch late last year which was only in certain regions, but now it's available to all and you can get started on building up your dungeons like a good(or bad) little dungeon keeper. Set up your dungeon just how you like it, and fill it with tons of devious traps and minions to ward off would be attackers who only seek to raid your dungeon and loot your gold and stone. The game definitely has it's charms, and comes along with some comic relief from the evil Dungeon narrator. Hire lowly imps to do your bidding, and dig out plots of open land for you to build more dungeon rooms.


The only thing that seems to be a bit frustrating to some(myself included), is the wait times in which it takes to either build something or dig out certain portions of rock on the outer rim of the dungeon floor. Some things take an obscenely long time, like digging out the outermost layer of rock wall on the edge of the room. This particular rock wall takes an entire day just to dig out one square. That is utterly ridiculous. For a free title though, it's certainly very entertaining and if anything it'll serve for a good time passer in quick 10-20 minute bursts, then you can put it away for a few hours or more until timers have reached 0 and you can play again. Despite the timers, there is usually something you can do, even if it's a minor thing like harvesting your gold and stone which is used for paying for upgrades and building things. Once you spend a few weeks with this game, you're dungeon will surely be completely malefic and devilishly addictive. If you want to dive right in and get things going, you can pick up Dungeon Keeper for free from the Play Store link, but be aware that there are of course some IAP. Hopefully in a near update or something EA will scale some of these early annoyances back just a bit.

Soul Fjord Brings Some Soul Filled Arcade Action To The OuyaSoul-Fjord-Ouya-game

Soul Fjord is one of those game titles that you just can't ignore. You can't help but at least give it a peek. Even if you don't plan on playing it, it's such a different type of game that it's garnered attention and it's well deserved at that. It's a blend of a few different game types, mixing in rhythm, dungeon crawler and rogue type elements, to provide a truly unique game experience. As for the theme, Soul Fjord mixes together norse mythology with the groovy tunes and music of the 70's that should at least grab the attention of any gamer that grew up in that era. Your combat actions affect the musical rhythms, but you'll also have to attack based off the music as well. Those two elements of the game go hand in hand surprisingly well, and if you own an OUYA and want a fun unique game to play for the rest of the weekend now that the Super Bowl is over, download and try Soul Fjord, then buy it if you wish to play the full game.

Source/Images: Droid Gamers