Amazing Cupid Will Fill That Flappy Bird Shaped Hole In Your Heart

If you were swept away by the addictive nature of Flappy Bird and then had that feeling ripped away from you when it was pulled down, Amazing Cupid is here to help. It can fill that Flappy Bird shaped hole in your heart, and make you whole once more. Amazing Cupid is a lot like Flappy Bird, there are actually many games like Flappy Bird on the Play Store but Amazing Cupid is just the most recent. The gameplay is the same basic style as Flappy Bird, you tap the screen to keep cupid flying through the level, making sure to dodge any upcoming pillars or cupid will fall in a fit of rage.

What's unique here from Flappy Bird are a couple things. The level and character model graphics are a tad bit better, as Flappy Bird was a little more retro. Amazing Cupid also lets you send "secret messages" at the beginning before you play, which lets you select a preferred High Score for the person to obtain, and then gives them a timer in which to complete that High Score by. The odd thing is that if the person you send the message to never beats the High Score goal you set for them they never get to read your message. It seems this is just a way to perhaps get people to play more in hopes of obtaining the "Secret Message" they have been given so they can read it. The other somewhat comical attribute to this cheeky little game is that Cupid boasts tons of different little quotes when you start playing, and more when you lose. If you're lucky enough, you might be greeted with a totally off the wall message as you begin the game that says "Did you farted?", or if you're really lucky, (this one actually made me laugh) you'll see Cupid say something like "My favorite drink includes your tears". It's slightly creepy and mildly hilarious at the same time, but perhaps I saw too many episodes of South Park and Family Guy to be offended by such things.

Amazing Cupid is by all accounts, just like Flappy Bird, but with a few additives to make the game a little more fun/addicting to those who really love the game concept. There are three different difficulties for the game, "normal", "hard", and "impossibro" for the players of the Flappy Bird Elite with impossible High Scores. One might even argue that Amazing Cupid is even harder most of the time because of the little quotes from Cupid that pop up as you play. You can't help but want to read them and in doing so it only causes your inevitable downfall. Amazing Cupid is free to download and play in the Play Store now, so if you're sad about Flappy Bird and need a replacement, this game just might do it for you.

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