Acer Teases New Smartphone Ahead of Mobile World Congress


The run-up to this year's Mobile World Congress is heating up, with Huawei teasing us online this morning, more information about Sony's upcoming devices including a new tablet and now, word is coming from Acer. The Taiwanese manufacturer has taken to Google+ (and presumably other social outlets) to tease us about their upcoming devices for this year's event. So far, all they've shown off is a portion of one of their upcoming smartphones. We say one of, because Acer has a reputation of releasing more than one device, in order to cover all ends of the market which certainly isn't a bad idea these days.

There's not much that we can learn from a small shot of an as-yet unannounced device, but there is something that's caught my eye. There seems to be a button of sorts a little south of the camera lens and while it could be some sort of design feature, I'm thinking that it's something else. Maybe it is a button, or it could be some sort of IR sensor or light sensor for better camera performance. We guess we'll have to wait and see to find out just what it is.


No further information has been given from Acer, so we're left guessing for the most part. However, we're sure that Acer has something relatively decent to show off at this year's Mobile World Congress. We might not think about them too much here in the States, but in Europe and Asia, Acer enjoy some moderate success with their smartphone offerings. Surprisingly, they've also been known to make some very good-looking devices and hopefully, this year will be no different. One of the main things we'd like to see from Acer however, is an improved global strategy. Their devices would make for some great mid-range options here in the US and we're pretty sure that Acer is capable of keeping up with production. Would you like to see Acer devices over here in the US? Let us know in the comments and over on Google+!

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