Nokia X Family of Devices Specs Revealed

Mobile World Congress is under way and the Nokia Press event is over, and we have finally found out what Nokia was hinting at with those teasers from the last few days. As it turns out, Nokia didn't just unveil one Android powered handset, but three handsets that are part of a brand new line of devices that Nokia will offer, call the "Nokia X Family." This new family of devices from Nokia includes the Nokia X which we had been hearing about for months, and two new and unheard of devices(up until the last week or so), the Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL. All three devices feature some similarities like the screen resolution, and access to Android apps as well integrated Nokia Core apps like Mix Radio and Nokia Here Maps. They also all have some varying differences like battery life and screen size. We'll go over all the specs here, as well as pricing and availability, so we can break down just how good of a deal these new Nokia X devices really are.

First off lets start with the Nokia X. The Nokia X is the baby of the bunch, sporting a 4-inch IPS display with WQVGA resolution(800 x 480),and is powered by a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor which we had previously heard about through the rumors. The RAM weighs in at 512MB, with internal storage space at 4GB and up to 32GB of expandable storage. The back camera is a little lacking at 3MP, but it's fitting given the price of â‚¬89, which equals out to be about $120. The Nokia X is running on Nokia X 1.0 software which is built off of Android 4.1, but given the RAM we wonder why they chose not to build the software off of Android 4.4 instead. The Nokia X is a dual-sim device, and supports Bluetooth 3.0, Wifi, and micro USB. It will come in a range of colors that includes Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, and Green.

The Nokia X+ doesn't differ too much from the Nokia X, as it sports the same resolution display, as well as the same size screen and screen type. It also houses the same processor(all three Nokia X devices actually use the same processor), the same quality camera with a 3MP rear shooter, the same battery and the Nokia X+ has the same connectivity support as the Nokia X. Minus the price which is €99 or $139, and the RAM which weighs in at 786MB, the Nokia X+ is almost identical to the Nokia X in specs. It even comes in the same colors. The one device that is a little different out of the bunch is the Nokia XL, which is Nokias largest offering in the Nokia X family of smartphones. It sports a 5-inch IPS display with the same resolution of the other two devices, and has a bigger battery at 2,000mAh. instead of the 3MP camera the Nokia XL houses a 5MP rear shooter with an LED Flash(which is something the other Nokia X devices don't have), and it will go for â‚¬109  or $149 starting in Q2. Everything else spec wise that wasn't mentioned is the same as the rest of the Nokia X family. The RAM is equal to that of the Nokia X+ at 786MB, and it has the same internal memory with expandable storage support, and will come in the same six colors.

All in all, we have to say that for the prices of what Nokia is selling all three Nokia X smartphones, the specs aren't too bad. They aren't going to replace your Nexus 4 or Galaxy S 3 devices, but they might serve as a decent and proper backup. Is anyone excited over the Nokia X lineup? Are the specs to watered down for most? Perhaps the best question is if Nokia plans to take the Nokia X family and expand on it in the future with higher-end specs and offerings?

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