Samsung Looking To Innovate Past Hardware With The World's Largest Platform For Distributing Content And Services

There's no arguing that Samsung is the number one manufacturer of Android powered smartphones these days. They've even been in the front running for more than a year or two, all with the help of their Galaxy S line of devices, whose name was imprinted on a slew of other Samsung Android powered hardware. They certainly offer many choices to the consumer from all walks of life, but their high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of devices is undoubtedly the most popular. Last year and the year before we saw Samsung branch out a little with the introduction of their security software for Samsung devices(KNOX), as well as the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It seems though that being the number one Android device manufacturer is not enough for Samsung. If they want to remain the number one manufacturer they're going to have to offer something more to the consumer than just phones.

That's why Samsung may be looking to offer up software and services as well, which would help them to expand out their reach with a wider net, and capture more of a consumer base. The Wall Street Journal recently had a sit-down interview with Samsung's Executive VP and the head of the Open Innovation Center, David Eun, to talk about where Samsung is now and what some of their plans were to further things for the company in the future. In the interview Eun discusses why he thinks that Software and Services are going to help shape Samsung's future and solidify them as the number one Android manufacturer. It all ties in to utilizing software to connect all their products together, and enhancing and boosting hardware sales. In pushing forward with the vision to provide more connected content to its consumers, Samsung is effectively making strides and goals to push forward towards having one of the world's largest platforms for distributing content and services. This includes apps as well as advertisements, and essentially anything in between.

Eun mentions that in the company's mission to unify and connect and distribute a wealth of different content in a seamless way, that they're working with plenty of partners and software and service providers to reach their goal. Larger scale players as well as unheard of startups are in talks with the Korean giant, so the scope of what Samsung could be offering in the future besides hardware is very broad and wide scale. He even mentions how much the company spends on R&D every year in attempts to further innovation towards all of their endeavors, including hardware, which reaches a total of $11 billion.

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