ZTE Bringing A Plethora Of Devices To CES 2014;Smartwatch And Mini Projector Included

ZTE has their hand in plenty of products world wide already, including smartphones, data sticks and portable wireless hotspots for carriers. Come CES 2014 though, ZTE will have more to bring to the table than just those devices. They plan to unveil some new smartphones at this years show, but the big things from ZTE this year are going to be the Smartwatch and Mini projectors that they plan to announce and show off, according to the Business Wire. With all the manufacturers that are bringing their own smartwatches to the table, it would make sense that ZTE would want to keep themselves in the game by releasing their own. It's also probably a smart move to do so as 2014 is going to be a huge year for wearable tech.

The phones that ZTE plans to show off at CES are the Nubia 5S, which comes equipped with a 13MP camera and a 5 inch full HD screen. For all you video hounds out there, the Nubia 5S camera will be able to record 4k Video. Also getting shown off will be the Nubia 5S mini that comes with a 4.7 inch display, although we're not really too sure how that fits into the mini category, the Sonata 4G which will be a budget device for At&t,(I wonder if there will be any sort of issues with Hyundai on this device name) and the Flagship device for ZTE, the Grand S II. With everything that ZTE plans to release in the coming year, they certainly have their hands full with devices to demo at the show. ZTE even plans to unveil a 5.7 inch phablet(which they are classifying as their "first iconic phablet") that has Dolby Digital Audio, an HD display, and wireless charging. None of those features are really new, but they are new to ZTE as far as phablets are concerned.

It looks like ZTE has plenty of phones planned for this year, but we expect their Smartwatch, titled the "Bluewatch" to steal the show at their booth, simply because wearable tech such as Smartwatches(even Archos is entering Smartwatch territory) is still very new and exciting. ZTE's plan with the Bluewatch is to provide a little bit of a different experience than current devices of similar feature, and somewhat bring the activity tracker devices and Smartwatches together. They plan to do this by integrating the features you'd expect from a Smartwatch, with a pedometer that can send the data of your daily activities to your phone. As for the projector, this will actually be a hybrid device, or rather a portable WiFi hotspot with a built in projector. This new hotspot will allow up to eight connected devices that can share its connection simultaneously, and it can utilize the built in projector for, well... projector like duties. What do you think about ZTE's spread for CES 2014? Is anyone as excited to see their smartwatch as we are? We know ZTE is a smaller player when it comes to smartphones and the like when compared to mega monsters like Samsung, HTC, and LG, but some of their devices this year sound pretty interesting. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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