Wired and Wireless Charging Docks Appear on ASUS' Website for the Nexus 7 (2013)



The Nexus 7 (2013) is a pretty great tablet, as we found out, but if there's one thing that devices from Google always seem to be missing, it's accessories. Google have made moves to change that though, and this year there's been more accessories available directly through the Play Store. Still, as with last year's Nexus 7, it seems that ASUS wants to be the one pushing charging docks for the Nexus 7 and this time around, there's more than one. There are both wired and wireless options for the nexus 7 2013 listed on ASUS' website, both with their own merits. The wired version of the dock is perhaps the most versatile of the two, with the ability to stand the tablet in either portrait or landscape, as well as HDMI-out on the rear of the stand.




As docks go, it's pretty standard fare, it fits the design of the Nexus 7 and simply slides in. As for the wireless version of the dock, things get a little more sophisticated but, functionality takes a step back. For one thing, the Nexus 7 can apparently only be placed in landscape and there's no video out with this one, either. however, it does look a little more elegant. The PW100 charging dock fully supports the Qi wireless standard so, there's a good chance this will work with other smartphones and tablets, but bear in mind that its specifically designed for the Nexus 7.




For those wanting to get their hands on something to keep their Nexus 7 stood up and powered up, you might want to look elsewhere. While both docks are detailed on ASUS' website, there's no word on just when you'll be able to get your hands on one and they're not available on Amazon – although the Nexus 7 itself is. We're not quite sure why accessories for the Nexus tablets are so hard to come by, but hopefully these official ASUS models will be heading to the US some time shortly. Those in Asia and Europe on the other hand, can probably find an online retailer near them to order an official Nexus 7 dock from. Let us know in the comments if you've been waiting for something like this or if you already bought something different.


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