Wikipad Ditches The Gaming Tablet For Next Device; Instead Wants To Create A Gamepad

The Wikipad is one of the many different gaming centric devices we saw pop up over the last year as Android gaming became more popular. The makers of the 7 inch gaming tablet however have decided that for their next device, they want to make a gamepad based off of the Wikipad's controls, instead of trying their hand at another gaming tablet. As far as the Wikipad goes, it wasn't too popular when given the price and other choices that were simply better at doing it's job for it. It's hard to put out a product like that with a gaming focus, but get beaten out of the competition by devices like the Nexus 7.

So is it a good idea to instead focus on putting together a much cheaper and less complex gamepad as opposed to an entire tablet device? Time will tell, but speaking from a gamers perspective, it's a smarter choice for the company. That is of course unless, they decide to come out with something extremely awesome in the future that trumps the competition. Still, this will be hard to do as many other tablets and devices that are not solely focused on gaming can probably do a better job at it, for potentially less money. As far as the companies plans for their new gamepad device, they will certainly have their hands full as there are literally tons of gamepads out there that are compatible with multiple devices. The Nyko Play Pad Pro and MOGA Pro Power(which you can check out the reviews for at the links)are among the top, and with their excellent quality it might be hard for Wikipad's gamepad to stand out.

The Gamevice Gamepad, as Wikipad is calling their new device, will apparently support a whole slew of Android and Windows Phone 8 devices, with iOS support in the works. At least that's what Wikipad is hoping to do with the device. There is no mention of when the Gamevice might show up exactly, just that it's due for sometime this year. We do know that it won't be at CES as pointed out by engadget, so if you were hoping to catch a glimpse of this thing at the show next week, don't hold your breath. We personally haven't used a Wikipad before, so we have no idea how the controls feel or how responsive they might be. Has anyone out there had a chance to play with one, and if so do you think that the controls on this device need to be better than they were on the Wikipad to compete with already existing mega monsters in the gamepad department? Let us know what you think about this device in the comments.

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