Vivitar IU680 Detachable Lens To Compete With Sony QX And Kodak PicPro Lenses

January 14, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Over the years smartphone cameras have become increasingly important.  Nokia was probably the one that proved to us that cameras on phones can actually be good with their Symbian phones in 2007 and later, and lately that importance on taking great pictures has resurfaced from nearly every major manufacturer.  While some manufacturers push raw megapixel count in an effort to get better pictures out of your phone, other manufacturers understand that you have to let more light into the sensor to get shots that aren’t blurry or out of focus.  Regardless of all this tweaking though, you’ll never see as good of shots from a smartphone as you could a dedicated SLR camera, and that’s simply down to physics.  Sony tried to alleviate this by introducing its Sony QX camera lenses that work as detachable SLR-type lenses for your smartphone.  They work via Bluetooth and can take significantly better pictures due to the larger sensor and better lens that’s inherently built into such a lens.  Just 4 days ago we saw Kodak’s competing product, the Kodak PixPro SL10 And SL25 lenses, which are aimed at the same consumer but are priced less than Sony’s models.

Now we’re also learning that Vivitar may have its own lineup of detachable smartphone lenses coming out that will compete with Kodak and Sony.  Prototype shots of the Vivitar IU680 have cropped up and look very similar to both Kodak and Sony’s offerings, but seem to also offer a pop-up style flash that those lenses do not.  The prototype models are shown with a detachable iPhone case, but much like Sony and Kodak’s do not appear to require such a case to attach to the phone.  While there’s no specifications of these lenses, it’s assumed that Vivitar will also try to undercut Sony’s prices on these lenses, and possibly even Kodak’s as well.  Taking better smartphone pictures is available right now with Sony’s QX lenses through Amazon for $248 or $498 depending on which lens you choose, and both Kodak and Vivitar’s competing products will likely be making it to market quite soon.  As always we’ll fill you in as soon as we get more info on these products.