Verizon Offering 250 MB Shared Data Plan for $20, But it Won't do Smartphone Users Any Good

If the newest data plans released by Verizon Wireless are anything to go by, it seems the telecom giant aims to attract the casual data user with their shared data plans into the fold. Starting today, Verizon Wireless will go live with a 250 MB data plan which would be applicable for both smartphone as well as basic phone users. The only catch here is that the plan is on offer for only a limited time, however as of yet it is unclear what this "limited time" actually is.

If we go by the data limit of 250 MB, it is clear that Verizon Wireless is definitely not aiming at the average smartphone user. Even Verizon themselves have confirmed that the average smartphone user averages somewhere between 1 GB to 2GB of data over a typical months' use. 250 MB as a data slot would definitely suit someone whose data needs are very limited - as in the user uses his smartphone for barely browsing the web or (very infrequently) checking random stuff.

Hardcore Smartphone users would definitely gain nothing from using this 250 MB plan (for $20 a month) and then get charged with Verizon's exorbitant over-usage fee of $15 for each 200 MB over the original limit. Our suggestion - depending on personal use - would be to opt for the 1GB $80 a month prepaid plan, but then again that obviously boils down to your personal need and circumstance.

Under the new option, for $20 a month users get access to 250 MB of data - which can then be paired with the $40-a-month smartphone access fee or the $30-a-month basis phone access plan (both of which provide unlimited talk and text options. The 250 MB plan introduces the lowest tier which Verizon has to the offer; previously the lowest tier data plan was for 500 MB for $40 a month. Just to keep things in perspective, AT&T offers 300 MB as its lowest tier data plan for $25, which would equate out to AT&T giving 12 MB of data per dollar, while the Verizon Wireless plan offers slightly more - 12.5 MB of data per dollar. Click here to see our take on Verizon vs. AT&T data plans.

However, we would consider the plan to be overpriced, considering that Verizon had plans to overhaul their prepaid plans and add more data. If you are on Verizon and your data usage is miniscule (which would definitely be a surprise), then be sure to check out this plan. Drop in a comment to us if you opt for this, will you?

Source: The Verge
Image: TechinAsia

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