Verizon Galaxy Gear Receives Update For Twitter Support And Performance Tweaks

January 21, 2014 - Written By Syed Sofian Rabbani


Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch on Verizon rejoice! The latest news revealed by Verizon details a software update to their variant of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. The new software update will bump up the software version of the Samsung Galaxy Gear to V700XXUAMK, and also brings several fixes and updates to the first wearable device from the Korean manufacturer. Samsung had unveiled the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch alongside the latest iteration of their highly successful phablet series – the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Smartwatch is designed to be paired via NFC or Bluetooth to smartphone devices (however, currently limited to the Note 3, Note2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4) and can be used to monitor your phone’s notifications, control music, start SVoice to take down notes and snap the occasional picture – among other things. The device also has a microphone, a speaker and comes along with the ability to read messages from a variety of sources.


The changelog of the update, as revealed by Verizon, is neatly broken up into three segments- one for stability or performance improvements which include improvements to the SVoice search, increases accuracy of the pedometer and screensaver turn on time has been improved as well. The battery life of the device should receive a boost, the NFC pairing animation has seen some changes and the messaging application as well as the schedule connectivity has seen a performance boost. The second segment, dedicated to resolution of issues, includes fixes to the Alarm Manager widget which now updates automatically when a change is made as well as “Contacts with a Caller ID block prefix *82 now dial correctly.” The last segment is dedicated to changes made to the software, which  includes a change to the menu options of the Motion menu (which comes up to wake the screen when you raise the watch to eye level). The major changes include the addition of Twitter and VZW messaging support and the removal of the USB debug menu. The update is now live from Verizon and to receive it on your device, be on the lookout for it on the Gear Manager app. And by the way, once you receive that update, do let us know about the changes – especially improvements to the battery life – in the comments below.

Source & Image: Verizon