Use your Smartphone To Unlock Your Door, Next time you stay at a Starwood Hotel

January 27, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Next time you stay at a Starwood hotel, you may want to download the Starwood Preferred Guest app for Android and iOS. Why? Well take a look at the video down below.

Starwood is looking to move over to allowing you to use your phone to unlock your hotel room door. How many times have you lost your room key when staying at a hotel? Well now you won’t have to worry about that. Now you might be thinking that Starwood is using NFC to get this done, and you’d be wrong. Since it is available for Android and iOS, they have opted for using Bluetooth. Since Apple doesn’t think NFC is important enough to put it into their devices. Also NFC isn’t standard in every Android device just yet, although we are getting close.

There are some hotels which already have NFC on their door locks, so you just wave your room key in front of the lock and it unlocks. But this is a step further. As you’re using their Starwood app on your phone to unlock your hotel room which is pretty awesome. No more having to worry about keeping your room key with you, or having to turn it back in. I’m guessing that once you check out, the app will no longer work to unlock the door. Which is pretty cool. Hopefully more hotels adopt this way of unlocking doors in 2014 and beyond.

According to Starwood, the new process for unlocking your hotel door will be trialed at select Aloft brand hotels, and will roll it out to the rest of the Aloft and W brand hotels in 2014. If you’re an SPG member, you can opt in to learn more and for opportunities to participate in this pilot program.

How many of you are interested in being able to use your phone to unlock your hotel room door? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Via: Android Central
Source: SGP Promos