Two New Smartwatches Arise With The Announcement Of The Cogito And The Cogito Pop From CONNECTEDEVICE

It was no secret that CES was going to be a huge launchpad for wearable tech this year, and sure enough we have plenty of new Smartwatches like the Pebble Steel popping up at the event. Two new watches from CONNECTEDEVICE have been announced today, called the Cogito and the Cogito Pop, which are follow ups to the Cookoo smartwatch that was announced at CES last year. There definitely seems to be a tad bit more focus on individual style and design with these two, as there are multiple colors in each variant of the device available. Both watches are actually quite fashionable, and each has a look that is unique but not too out there.

CONNECTEDEVICE takes a standard looking Analog watch face with hour and minute hands, and fuses in your notifications to give it the "smart" features one might want from something that is worn on the wrist. Both watches let you delve into the world of wearable technology without looking too futuristic, yet still provide you with enough functionality to get what you need out of having a device like these. Both the Cogito and the Cogito Pop are taking a somewhat different approach to the world of wearable technology in that they will only provide you with the notifications on the watch face, so that means no apps, no special pedometers, and no message previews or phone calls. CONNECTEDEVICE says that the idea behind the Cogito and the Cogito Pop is to give you access to things like notifications as "an extension" of your phone, and that their aim wasn't to give you another device that allows you to complete loads of phone like functions.

Although you can't talk to it like Dick Tracy, or send a message on the fly without having to touch your phone, you can prioritize which notifications come through to the watch however, making it personable and giving you the ability to see when you have an important message or email that has popped up on your device. Surely this will not be the right device for some, but there will be a niche group of people that are eager to jump into the world of wearable devices, but want to do so on a more discreet scale. The Cogito(which is the more high-end version of the two) will have a more premium design to it, and give you notifications and list who's calling when you have an incoming call, while the Cogito Pop will offer a more relaxed wearable tech functionality, and give you notifications based off of LEDs while coming in fun colors that POP while worn on your wrist.

To interact with both devices, you use the accessible buttons on the side to dismiss notifications or browse through them, and both the Cogito and the Cogito Pop will connect to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy consumption so that the watches won't need constant recharging. They will however have the ability to accept a recharge to the battery when needed. Both smartwatches are already available and can be ordered from their website. The Cogito will cost you $179, while the Cogito Pop will only cost you $129. Would you consider buying either of these smartwatches from CONNECTEDEVICE? Let us know what you think about the Cogito and the Cogito Pop in the comments.

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