Turn Off Caching In Google Play Newsstand;Hidden Developer Options Make It So

January 2, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Hidden Developer Options have popped up before in Android, and most people are probably familiar with the way you turn on “Developer Options” from the settings menu. Doing so allows you access to more advanced options that are generally for development purposes only, although sometimes they find a practical use in the ‘every day’ for average users. As pointed out by Android Central, it turns out a reader had stumbled upon a similar option that was found inside Google Play Newsstand, that allows you to turn off the caching capability within the app.

To access this similar developer settings menu(or rather just one option) that is like the one found in the normal Android settings menu itself, just open up Play Newsstand, navigate to the menu button in the top right corner and tap on settings. Once inside settings, scroll down to the build number of Play Newsstand that your device is running and just tap it a few times till it notifies you that you are just two steps away from being a developer. Of course, it’ll take quite a bit more effort on your part to become a developer besides just tapping a few menu options inside your device, but you get the idea. Once you have unlocked the developer options inside Play Newsstand, there will be one new option at the bottom of the settings menu titled “Disable Caching” with a box next to it that you can tick to disable the cache capabilities.Screenshot_2014-01-02-16-44-40A word of caution before you decide that it is a good idea to check that little box though, the very same reader that tipped off the capability inside Play Newsstand in the first place says that you probably won’t want the option disabled, as it makes the app run extremely slow. upon ticking the box you’ll be greeted with the following message:

“Disable caching is for testing design changes and makes the app operate very slowly. This operation will be automatically turned off in 4 hours.”

So there you have it. The option is there, it can be turned on, but why would you want to mess with it if it slows down the function of the app? If however you are a developer and you find this information useful, now you know how to get at it. You can also just mess with it if you feel the need, developer or not, if you don’t really use Newsstand anyway.