Transform Your TV Into A Little Green Robot With The Satechi Android TV Box


Despite the massive popularity of the Chromecast, it still isn't the correct device for everyone. Perhaps that is why were still seeing a host of set top boxes that run Android come out of the woodwork. Like this one that was just unveiled by a company called Satechi. "The Smart TV Box" as it's being hailed by the company, is a tiny little Android powered TV Box that connects up to your TV and links up to your home network via WiFi or Ethernet, to give you what Satechi is saying is the "ideal solution for users who want to stream digital media onto their televisions." Although there is already a large number of devices like this one in existence, the Smart TV Box from Satechi just might be the one for you. It boasts some attractive features and specs, and comes along with a matching price point to really sweeten the deal.

Like most other set top boxes, it gives you the power to access all of your home networks local media, and stream it right to the tv. Unlike most though, it uses XBMC(Xbox media center) software for the interface of all your media access, which to be honest is quite possibly one of the best media management apps and sources we've ever seen for Android. XBMC not only sports a sexy UI, but it also makes things easy to find, and they even have apps that can be installed onto your other Android devices. Spec wise, the Smart TV Box comes power packed with an unknown 1.8GHz processor, and it also comes with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage to start you off with a place to keep some media, but should you be worrying about breaching that limit, it has two USB ports and an external SD slot for extra storage via the SD and flash drives, limiting your storage space to as much as you're willing to buy.

To round things out the Smart TV Box houses a quad-core Mali 400-MO4 GPU, just in case you need some intense graphics processing. Its HDMI compatible and has Bluetooth support and Play Store access(WIN), as well as comes with a nifty little remote that isn't to obtrusive and weird to handle. (At least by the looks of it) You'll also find the respective audio port, and a micro USB port for service and support updates it seems. Overall, the Satechi Smart TV Box seems like a pretty great little set up if you're looking for this sort of device to add to your living room, and you can have one for only $109.99. It's now live for purchase, and you can pick it up either straight from Satechi or from Amazon.


Satechi Smart TV Box Streaming HD TV Digital Media Player XBMC Android 4.2 Quad-core 1.8Ghz 1080P with Wi-Fi (Silver)

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